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10 MORE Commandments of Alaska Fly Fishing

A couple of months ago we released the and since then we have gotten so many additional commandments submitted, we decided to keep the list rolling.

So, in the spirit of Alaskan angling, heavy flies, windy conditions, and wild animals running around... Here are 10 MORE Commandments of Alaska Fly Fishing.

11. When carrying a handgun in bear country, always save a round for yourself.

12. One shall never go forth without at least one roll of duct tape, a flask of whiskey, and a pocket full of TP.

13. In a pinch, eagle poop can be used as a good sunscreen.

14. Before coming to Alaska to fish, a little research is in order... You don't want to show up in May and face the unpleasant surprise of there being no salmon in the rivers.

15. Do not buy a broomstick fly rod for salmon fishing. Stout is good, a 2x4 not so good.

16. Everything is bigger in Alaska... In Montana, a size 22 fly is considered a small fly. In Alaska, a size 4 is a small fly.

17. Devil's club is a spiny plant to be avoided at all costs, not a strip club in Anchorage.

18. Boot Studs in Alaska... Fine for wading, not welcome in fiberglass boats, float planes, or rafts!

19. The Mosquito is Alaska's state bird. It is known for carrying off small children and sucking you dry faster than Dracula. Repellent with a hefty amount of DEET in it is your only defense and should never leave your side.

20. Never hate on Pinks. Fresh out of the salt they are like pigmy silvers. Lots of fun and a great way to get a bend in your rod.

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