Although the weather this summer has left much to be desired, the fishing has been very good. We are currently in the midst of great Dolly Varden fishing in the streams. This season's chum salmon run has been stronger than the last couple of years and this has meant the Dollies are stacked in behind them. We are also seeing the first silvers returning. Silvers have already been reported at DIPAC hatchery and without a doubt there are some in the streams as well.

For the Dollies, Sheep Creek, Montana Creek and Cowee Creek are the best bets. Unreal Eggs , Peachy King Glo Bugs , and Mottled Troutbeads are all killers.

For coho, there are several places to go out and prospect. The confluence of Montana Creek and the Mendenhall River consistently yields early fish. It is a natural resting spot for silvers as they make their way upstream. A large Hareball Leech in Chartreuse , Aleutian Queen or all Pink fishes best. This spot usually demands a sink tip fly line or a bunch of split shot to get the fly down where the silvers lurk. Alternate between a dead drift and stripping the fly back in. Lower Cowee Creek is another good early silver spot. The same flies fished deep and retrieved quickly work well. Look for the "soft water" where silvers can rest out of the main current.

A few silvers have also shown up in the ladder and in front of DIPAC Hatchery. Fishing in the neighborhood of the hatchery around the low tide is most productive. These fish usually come around North Douglas on their way up the channel. Stretches of beach from Bayview Subdivision all the way to DIPAC produce as the silvers move through. Once again, bracketing the low tide is best since it tends to concentrate the fish. A floating line, nine-foot 12 pound leader, and a Chartreuse Clouser Minnow is the setup to have.

Don't let the weather keep you indoors! Put on your rain jacket , layer up, and go get after it. This season will be gone before we know it.

See you on the water. Brad