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Wading Accessories

Wading Accessories, gravel guards, wading staffs.

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The "go to" product for wader repair. AquaSeal is waterproof and remains flexible after it dries. Works best on breathable waders when used on the inside. 
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Cotol accelerates the drying process of AquaSeal. Mix the two together and drying time can be cut down to two hours.  
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Gore-Tex Repair Kit


A must-have item in your tackle bag. Easily repair pinholes and tears in your Gore-Tex Waders with AquaSeal and patches. 
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Loon UV Mini Curing Light


This tiny UV light will help any UV cement cure. If you are working with UV adhesives inside, at night, or on rainy days, this light will save your bacon. 
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Replacement Laces


Grab a pair of these tough Cordura laces and keep them in your tackle bag.  
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This spray does a great job of bringing breathable gear back to life. If water no longer beads up on your gear you need Revivex! 
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Simms Gravel Guard


Simms redesigned their classic gravel guard to fit better and conform to the shape of your boot. The result is a tough, tight-sealing guard that stays put and keeps debris out. 
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Simms Headwater Taco Bag


Change in and out of your waders & boots without touching the ground! This smart bag is large enough to hold two waders and two pairs of boots before you unzip it and use it as a ground mat. 
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Simms Pro Wading Staff Carbon


Simms Pro Wading Staff is a lightweight and durable carbon staff, made to provide safety and stability while hiking and wading around your favorite river. 
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Simms Wading Staff Dark Gunmetal


Simms Pro Wading Staff is a lightweight and durable aluminum staff, made to provide safety and stability while hiking and wading around your favorite river. 
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Simms Wading Staff Rubber Tip


The tip that provides more secure wading durability on rocks, slime, and goo. 
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Simms Web Wading Belt - Simms Camo


Add a little style to your waders with one of Simms' cool new wading belts. 2 inch wide belt with a quick side release buckle. 
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Streamworks License Holder


Finally, a sure-fire way to keep from losing your fishing license. A tight-sealing vinyl pocket keeps your license safe from moisture. The bombproof clip securely attaches to most garments such as vests, waders or packs. 
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Studs - Alumabite Cleat - 14 Pack


Aluminum is softer than carbide and is incredibly grippy. You can almost feel these cleats adhere to rocks when you are wading. They do wear a little faster than carbide, but you may find the traction is worth it. 
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Studs - Alumabite Cleats - Individually


Don't want a whole pack of Alumabite Cleats? Buy them individually. 
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Studs - Simms Hard Bite Boot Studs


Easily convert Simms VIBRAM soles into studded soles. The hardened steel in these new studs is far tougher than the old sheet metal screws. Carbide gripper pellets are welded to the studs for added traction and durability. 
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Studs - Simms Star Cleats - 16 Pack


Developed specifically for use with StreamTread wading boot soles, the HardBite Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions. Use separately or in combination with HardBite Studs. 
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Studs - Simms Star Cleats - Individually


Don't need a full 18 pack? We sell them individually, too. Each stud comes with a mounting screw. 
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UV Aquaseal


Keep a little tube of UV Aquaseal in your wader pocket. If you need a quick patch while on the water, nothing beats this fast-drying, waterproof & flexible glue. Cures in seconds and works well on Gore-Tex or any waterproof breathable fabric. 
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Wading Belt - Neoprene


A very comfortable and adjustable belt. 
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