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Tie-Fast Knot Tyer


The best nail knot tyer you have ever seen! Clear instructions are included. 
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Tiemco Straight Scissors


TMC Straight Scissors are one of our favorites. They stay sharp for a long time, are comfortable to use and are proportioned nicely for making accurate cuts. 
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TMC 101


The TMC 101 is a very versatile dry fly hook. It is 1X fine, wide gape hook with a straight eye. 25 per pack. 
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TMC 105


The TMC 105 is a sticky sharp Glo Bug Hook. It is a straight eye, 2X strong, 5X short, Bronze hook. 25 per pack. 
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TMC 200R


The TMC 200R is a gently curved, 3X long nymph or dry fly hook. We particularly like it for tying stimulators. It is a standard wire hook and features a straight eye. 25 per pack. 
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TMC 3769


The TMC 3769 is one of our favorite sockeye fly and small steelhead fly hooks. We tie all our Sockeye Lanterns and Lightnings on it. It is forged of 2X heavy wire so it won't bend out. It also features a down eye and sproat bend. 25 per pack. 
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TMC 5262


The TMC 5262 is the slightly shorter shank little brother of the 5263. A very good streamer hook when a mid-sized body is needed. Forged Bronze and 25 to a pack. 
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TMC 5263


The TMC 5263 is 3X long streamer hook that is perfect for wooly buggers and streamers. Forged Bronze and 25 per pack. 
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TMC 7999


If you need sharp hooks on your salmon flies, it is hard to beat the TMC 7999. It features an upturned, beautifully tapered loop eye. The point is chemically sharpened and sticky sharp. Forged Black color. 25 hooks per pack. 
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TMC 8089 NP


The TMC 8089 NP is great hook for tying surface poppers. It is a wide gap, fine wire, nickel plated hook that will keep your dries floating high. Note that as a popper hook the gap is larger than usual. The #6 gap is 1/2". 
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TMC 811S


The TMC 811S is the sharpest saltwater hook we have found. We use it to tie all our Clouser Minnows for salmon. Stainless Steel and straight eye. 25 per pack. 
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TMC 9394


The TMC 9394 is a nickel-plated 4X long streamer hook. If short striking fish are an issue, the 9394 will hook them. We tie a lot of our saltwater Dolly and cutthroat flies on these hooks. 25 per pack. 
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Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit


Fishpond has redesigned their big-boy fly tying bag to be soft-sided and even more useful. Whether you are going to the local tying club meeting or just getting organized at home, this bag will hold a ton of materials. 
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Tombstone - Dark Brown


The Tombstone is an attractor mayfly nymph that is a trout slayer. The added bit of pink is just what Alaskan trout love. Fish it spring through July or any time in the lakes. 
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Toothpick Bead Pegs


Round toothpicks for pegging beads. 
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Toothy Critter 8.5" Scissor Forceps


Streamworks Big Game Forceps are just the tool for big fish. The Power Jaws act as both a clamping forcep and a crushing plier. The scissors cut heavy mono and braid easily. 
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Top Water - Fly Fishing Alaska


A beautiful and incredibly informative book on fishing in Alaska. This book has great info on tactics, where to find fish in the river, run timing, gear requirements and more. 
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Trey Combs Big Game Hook


The Trey Combs Big Game hook is a plated, chemically sharpened, hook with a rolled point for easy penetration and great holding power. We love them for our king and coho saltwater flies. 
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Tri Color Flesh Fly #4


The Tri Color Flesh is a different take on the standard flesh fly. A white tail, bright orange body and chinchilla gray collar give the trout something a little more interesting to grab. 
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Troutbeads TB PEGGZ


These are cool! From Troutbeads comes a rubber, double-ended peg that lets you use each peg twice. At 50 pegs per pack you can peg 100 beads. Unlike toothpicks they won't damage leaders or expand and crack your beads. 3 colors to choose from. 
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