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AFFG Waterproof Ammo Bunker Suitcase Box


Just the right box for storing a trip's worth of flies. Durable waterproof construction, double-sided with 10 rows of slit foam on each side, secure latches and the AFFG logo to boot. Add one to your collection. 
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AFFG Waterproof Fly Box


A sweet double-sided waterproof fly box with the AFFG home team logo. Seven rows of slit foam on each side will hold a ton of flies. Waterproof gasket and secure latch will keep your ammo ready for use! 
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Airflo 10' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader


Airflo's 10' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleaders can be used with both Skagit or Scandi heads. 
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Airflo 14' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader


Airflo's 14' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader can be used with Scandi and Skagit Compact heads. 
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Airflo 5' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader


Airflo's Polyleaders are the perfect fit when fishing Skagit and Scandi heads. Five foot Polyleaders are also a great way to add a "sink tip" to your floating single hand line. 
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Airflo Custom Cut Tips 10'


The 10' Custom Cut Tips from Airflo are perfect for most situations where a short fast tip will you into the zone. Perfect length when matched with a Skagit Head for Short Spey and Switch rods. 
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Airflo Custom Cut Tips 20'


Airflo's Custom Cut Tips are great for cutting and creating custom sink tips for you Skagit head. Ideally the 20' in each package can be cut into a 13' & a 7' or two 10' lengths. 
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Airflo Extra Pages for Head Bag System


Extra Pages for Airflo's Head Bag Storage System 
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Airflo Head Bag Storage System


Need a good way to deal with those stinkin' shooting heads for your switch or spey? Look no further. Tim Rajeff designed Airflo's head bag to help organize and maximize your time on the water. 
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Airflo Rage Compact


Looking for a floating line that cast's like a Skagit? Take a look at the Airflo Rage. Its scandi/skagit hybrid design allows for long cast, without needing a heavy tip. Recommended with Spey or long Switch Rods. 
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Airflo Ridge Clear Delta Floating - Over 35% OFF


This line is for the angler looking for stealth. Its clear body doesn't spook fish, while the ridge technology maximizes fishability. This is a great line for dry flies, nymphing, and small stream steelheading. Originally $80. 
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Airflo Ridge Impact Taper


Airflo's Ridge Supple Impact Taper is an awesome line for indicator fishing and throwing streamers up close. The heavy front loaded line turns junk over with ease. Originally $75. 
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Airflo Ridge Running Line


Airflo Ridge Running Line is easy to handle and shoots through the guides. Ideal for use with Skagit and Scandi Shooting Heads. Color is Orange. 
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Airflo Scandi Compact


Airflo Scandinavian Compact shooting heads for use with Switch and Spey rods. Line color is light blue. 
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Airflo Skagit Compact


Airflo's Skagit Compact Shooting Heads are perfect for use with Switch and Short Spey Rods. They are ideal for casting heavy sink tips and big flies. 
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Airflo Skagit Switch Line


The switch rod line we have been waiting for! At 18'-20', it is shorter than a Skagit Compact and loads fast action switch rods easily. Great for throwing 10'-12' of sink tip. Match it up with a Ridge Running line and it is good to go. 
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Al Green #8


Straight from the vise of legendary Alaskan guide Wally Adams, Al Green, aka The Green Headed Monster, dredges up some of the biggest trout from Bristol Bay to the Kenai. 
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Alaska Chronicles


The best account ever of what it is really like to be an Alaskan fly fishing guide. Miles Nolte takes you through an Alaskan guide season with great insight, hilarious stories, and tales of the trade. 
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Alaska Fishing


A comprehensive guide on Alaska fishing, fresh and salt. Detailed Info on Over 300 locations written by ten of Alaska's most respected experts. Explicit details on anything one would need in preparing a fishing trip to Alaska. 
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Alaska Fly Fishing Brand - Over 50% OFF!


Another favorite in our shop shirt line up. Grab one at a great price before they are gone! 100% Preshrunk Cotton. 
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