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Abel #4 Pliers & Sheath


When you are done buying $20 pliers that get rusty in a couple of months, step up to Abel. These pliers are fully machined aluminum and stainless steel. They crush barbs, cut wire, pull knots tight and open beers! 
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Abel Combo Sheath


Just the sheath for a plier & knife combo. If you already have a nice knife, this sheath combined with the #4 pliers is a good way to go. (Pliers and knife not included.) 
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Abel Hybrid Hemostat


The easiest operating hemostat we have ever used. An ingenious thumb lock engages and disengages the locking mechanism. Perfect when your hands are cold! Precision replaceable jaws remove hooks and crush barbs with ease. 
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Abel Knife - Black


Every angler should carry a knife. From trimming line to cutting yourself out of a disastrous situation, a sharp knife is crucial. The Abel knife is as good as it gets. 
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Abel Nipper Lanyard


Keep your Abel Nippers safe and secure with this perfectly thought out lanyard. Made of military grade parachute cord with machined aluminum and stainless steel components. 
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Abel Nipper- Hand Painted


The Ultimate Line Nipper! Abel machines each one out of T-6061 aluminum. The jaws are also machined and heat treated to 58-60rc hardness. The jaws are replaceable and come with a limited 2 year warranty. 
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Abel Nippers


The Ultimate Line Nipper! Abel machines each one out of T-6061 aluminum. The jaws are also machined and heat treated to 58-60rc hardness. The jaws are replaceable and come with a limited 2 year warranty. 
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Abel Plier & Knife Combo


The Abel Plier & Knife combo is an angler's dream. The finest fishing pliers available matched with an ultra-sharp knife. All stored in latigo leather sheath. Makes a terrific gift. 
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Abel QC - Quick Change - Super Series

Abel's legendary cork disc drag and beautiful machining now in a Quick Change format. If you like being able to swap spools instantly then check these out. 
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Abel Sheath for #4 Pliers


Just want the sheath and lanyard? Here it is. (Pliers not included!) 
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Abel Switch Reel


These are beautiful reels for your light Spey or Switch rod. All the refinement that Abel is legendary for housed in a classic form. Click pawl drag and full palming rim make this a classic vintage-style reel for salmon or steelhead. 
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A staple dry for grayling and trout. 
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AFFG Steelhead Bead - Cosmic Pink


AFFG's new Cosmic Pink Steelhead Bead is an instant player. This purplish-pink bead will blow the fish away. A new must have! 
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AFFG Steelhead Bead - Cosmic Red


AFFG's new Cosmic Red Steelhead Bead is another new player for 2014. This red version of the Cosmic Beads brought some beautiful fish to hand while being field tested. One more bead to never leave home with out! 
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AFFG Steelhead Bead - Guide Pink


We make no secret of the fact that Pink is our favorite color bead for steelhead fishing. We found a small manufacturer making these super-sweet Guide Pink beads and have been killing it with them. Great as-is or painted. 
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AFFG Steelhead Bead -Steelhead Red


AFFG's Steelhead Red Bead is one of the staple colors for steelhead in Alaska, from Southeast out to the Aleutian Chain. But don't stop there. It works all over the Pacific Coast to the Great Lakes. A must in any steelheader's box. 
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AFFG Steelhead Bead- Nail Polish Pink


This hot new for 2014 bead in the AFFG's Steelead Beads line up has us really excited. The hot pink pearl bead takes the "pearl" bead to another level that steelhead are finding hard to resist. Give it a try! 
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AFFG Waterproof Ammo Bunker Suitcase Box


Just the right box for storing a trip's worth of flies. Durable waterproof construction, double-sided with 10 rows of slit foam on each side, secure latches and the AFFG logo to boot. Add one to your collection. 
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AFFG Waterproof Fly Box


A sweet double-sided waterproof fly box with the AFFG home team logo. Seven rows of slit foam on each side will hold a ton of flies. Waterproof gasket and secure latch will keep your ammo ready for use! 
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Airflo 10' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader


Airflo's 10' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleaders can be used with both Skagit or Scandi heads. 
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