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Bristol Bay - Late Season Bead Selection


If you are fishing Bristol Bay from mid-August through the end of the season, these are the beads you need. The selection includes 6mm & 8mm beads that cover sockeye spawn, 
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Brite Bead Heads


Brite Bead Heads are machined from brass and have two hole diameters. Durable finish won't tarnish. 25 per pack. 
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Brooch Pin


A Brooch Pin is a very nice way to present one of your carefully tied salmon flies. The hook is a size #1. One per pack. 
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Bubblegum Glow Beadz


Bubblegum Pink is one of those colors that belongs in every steelheader's bead box. They are "eye-popping" chrome magnets. 
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Bucktail Combo Pack


The Bucktail Combo Pack is a great way to get a good selection of bucktail colors without buying whole tails. Contains six different pieces of bucktail. 
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Bucktail Pieces


Bucktail Pieces are small portions cut out of a full bucktail. If you are only tying a dozen or so flies, Bucktail Pieces are good value.  
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Bucktails - Prime Quality


Prime quality northern bucktails in great colors. 
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Butt Section


Great material for adding a leader butt to your fly line. .025 diameter and 60lb test. 30 Foot spool.  
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C&F 10 Row Grand Slam Waterproof Fly Box


The C&F Grand Slam Box ia as tough as it gets. Built with thicker foam to hold heavy flies and a bit more spacing between Micro Slits, they are the ultimate streamer, leech and big bug box. 
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C&F 10 Row Large Waterproof Fly Box


One of our favorite Alaska fly boxes. Waterproof with a great latch. 5 rows on each side of C&F micro-slits neatly hold up to 175 flies! Although a bit more money than other boxes, they really last. Color is Sand. 
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C&F 10 Row Trout Bug Box


THE BOX to hold your small trout and grayling flies. Designed to hold 235(!) flies in size #10-#24. The best system to keep your trout flies in good shape. 
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C&F 6 Row Medium Sized Box For Heavy Flies


C&F built this medium sized box with extra think foam to hold heavy, Alaska-style flies. Three rows of foam on each side gives an overall capacity of 80 flies. Tea Green color. 
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C&F 8 Row Medium Waterproof Fly Box


Looking for a high quality box for your flesh flies, lake flies, or medium streamers? This is it. Fits nicely in your pocket and holds all the flies you'll need for a day on the water. Color is Off White. 
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C&F Large Waterproof Bead & Streamer Box


Another sweet bead, nymph, and streamer box. Five rows of micro-slit foam, two compartments (for indicators and split shot) and twelve individually opening compartments for beads. This box has "Alaska" written all over it. 
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C&F Ultimate Waterproof Flesh & Bead Box


Looking for the perfect flesh and bead box? This is it. This box has 8 micro-slit rows for all your streamers and flesh. Plus is has 12 compartments with individual lids for beads, split shot, and pegs. 
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C&F Ultralite Fly Box - Medium


Ultra Light and Boy do they mean it! These are the perfect box for dry flies, nymphs and small streamers. They fit in a pocket and hold plenty of flies. Tough, good looking, and they float! 
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C&F Ultralite Fly Box - Small


Ultra Light and Boy do they mean it! These are the perfect box for dry flies, nymphs and small streamers. They fit in a pocket and hold plenty of flies. Tough, good looking, and they float! 
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Cactus Chenille - Large


Cactus Chenille is our choice for large salmon fly bodies. Use this for Coho Kryptonite, Spankers, Hareball Leeches and more. 
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Calftail is a slightly crinkly natural material that makes beautiful wings on medium and small salmon flies. 
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Caramel Roe Trout Bead


Caramel Roe is a good muted color. Try it when the bright beads aren't working.  
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