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Tying Organizers

Fly Tying organizers such as Hook Storage Boxes, Tool Caddies, Travel Cases, and more.

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Fly Tying Tool Kit - Dr. Slick


A very nice set of tying tools. Includes ceramic bobbin, scissor, hair stacker, threader, bodkin, and whip finisher. Comes in a nice box. 
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Large Hook, Eye, & Bead Organizer


Tired of never knowing how many hooks you have left or where those 5/32" eyes went? Get one (or a few) of these boxes and get organized. They feature curved bottoms for easy retrieval of items and solid construction so your hooks don't "migrate."  
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Road Trip Fly Tying Bag


The Road Trip Fly Tying Bag is a compact travel kit that is ready when you are. Nicely designed to accommodate your vise, tools, thread, materials and more. 
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Small Hook, Eye & Bead Organizer


A good smaller, travel-size box for organizing hooks, beads, eyes and more. Solid construction will keep items from "migrating" in the box. Curved bottom for easy access.  
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Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit


Fishpond has redesigned their big-boy fly tying bag to be soft-sided and even more useful. Whether you are going to the local tying club meeting or just getting organized at home, this bag will hold a ton of materials. 
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