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Tube Fly Supplies

Supplies for tying tube flies. Tube fly vises, tube fly vise attachments, plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, brass tubes, tube assortments, junction tubing, tube fly cone heads and more.

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Brass Coneheads for Tubes


These Brass Coneheads are designed to fit over Small (1/16) and Large (1/8) diameter tubes. They are a great way to add some action to your tube flies. Color choices are Black or Brass. 10 per pack. 
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Gamakatsu C14S Hook


The C14S is the choice of many Alaska anglers. Needle-sharp, heavy wire, and reasonably priced. A great bead hook or for tying Glo Bugs or Money Bugs. 25 per pack. 
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Gamakatsu Octopus Black


The Octopus Hook is a killer stinger hook as well as salmon fly hook. It has an off set point and an up eye. 
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Gamakatus Finesse Wide Gap


The Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap is a super-sharp hook that we love to use on our strung-out style flies. It features a slight up eye and a deep bend for great holding power. 
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Large Diameter Tube Assortment


The Large Diameter Tube assortment contains 12 - 5" long by 1/8" diameter (OD) plastic tubing along with 12" of junction tubing. 
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Micro Tubing Assortment


The Micro Tubing Assortment contains 36" of 1/16" OD tubing. 
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Owner SSW Cutting Point Hook


The Cadillac of bead hooks. The SSW Cutting Point Hook is ultra-sharp and has a triple-edge cutting blade. This means hooks penetrate easily and hold beautifully. 
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Renzetti Tube Fly Vise - C-Clamp


The Renzetti is our favorite tube tying vise. It comes with 3 different diameter mandrels that allow you tie different sized tubes. This vise holds tubes solidly and is very well designed. 
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Renzetti Tube Fly Vise - Head & Mandrels Only


If you already own a Renzetti Traveler vise, you can get the Head & Mandrels Only and thread it on your Traveler stem. A slick way to have two vises in one. 
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Small Diameter Tube Assortment


The Small Diameter Tube assortment contains 12 - 5" pieces of 1/16" OD plastic tubing along with 12" of junction tubing. 
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Starter Tube Fly Tool


Looking for an inexpensive way to get started tying tube flies? The Starter Tool mounts in your vise and has two different size mandrels that hold tubes securely. Comes with a variety of tubes, junction tubing and complete instructions.  
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