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Airflo Skagit Compact

Airflo Skagit Compact
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Price: $54.99
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Airflo's Skagit Compact Heads are designed for Skagit style Spey casting.  Designed to turn over heavy sink tips and big flies for salmon and steelhead fishng in the Pacific Northwest, B.C. and Alaska.  These heads come in 30 grain increments starting at 360 grains and going all the way up to 720 grains, making it easy to find the right line for your rod. Each head comes with a colored tip for weight identification. Line color is green.

*Note: A running line and sink tip is need with this line.

  • 360gr.- 22.5' with med gray tip.
  • 390gr.- 22.5' with brown tip.
  • 420gr.- 23' with white tip.
  • 450gr.- 23' with tan tip.
  • 480gr.- 24' with yellow tip. 
  • 510gr.- 24' with pink tip.
  • 540gr.- 25' with orange tip.
  • 570gr.- 25' with light green tip.
  • 600gr.- 26' with dark green tip.
  • 630gr.- 26' with light blue tip.
  • 660gr.- 27' with dark blue tip.
  • 720gr.-27' with purple tip.
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Airflo Skagit Compact$54.99

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