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Meet the Fish: Sheefish
Also called Inconnu, these large freshwater fish are found only in the Arctic and high Sub-Arctic regions of the state. These large-scaled silvery fighters are available from June to October with peak fishing in July and August. Often called "The Tarpon of the North" based on the similarity of appearance to the renowned game fish, the sheefish averages 5-20 lbs with some river systems having fish that can reach 50 lbs or more.

Gear and Flies
The angler armed with a fast-action 7 or 8 weight rod will easily be able to hold their own against all but the largest of sheefish.  Reels should be of the large-arbor variety, and should also be equipped with a smooth operating drag system. Depending upon the method of presentation, fly line choices include sinking tip lines, weight-forward floating lines, and multi-tip systems to deliver your offering to the proper depth. The inconnu is mostly piscivorous (it feeds primarily on other fish), so the fly selection of the sheefish angler should include minnow patterns of many colors and sizes.

Winston BIIm-x 9' 7wt
Sage Z-axis 9' 8wt
Sage FLi 9' 8wt
Winston Vapor 9' 8wt

Abel Super 8
Ross Momentum 4
Galvan Torque T-8
Ross CLA 4

Rio OutBound Intermediate, Type 3, Type 6
Rio Versi-Tip
Scientific Anglers Type IV Sink Tip

Bass-Blastin' Moal Olive/Orange
Match The Minnow  
Clouser Minnow


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