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Sage ONE 6116-4 PackageSage ONE 7116-4 Package

Sage ONE 7116-4

Price: $860.00

The 7116-4 ONE is the light cannon of Sage's ONE Switch series. From swinging leeches with a sink tip to 10' bead rigs, the 7116 works wonders on the big trout and char found in Bristol Bay, Iliamna, Naknek and the Kenai.  This rod also doubles over to tackle every species of anadromous salmon and trout with the exception of the mighty King Salmon. Heading down to South America to fish the Patagonian Coast or Tierra Del Fuego? Pack one of these Switch rods to do battle with the mighty fish of the Southern Hemisphere.

Reel Recommendations:

  • Sage 4280 (best with singlehand lines)
  • Nautilus NV 8/9, or CCF 8
  • Lamson Guru 3.5 or 4, Velocity 3.5 or 4, and Litespeed 3.5 or 4, ARX3+
  • Abel QC 9/10 (7/8 for singlehand lines)

Line Recommendations:

Single Hand Lines:

  • Rio Outbound WF-8 for beach casting or overhead casting from a boat 
  • Rio Grand WF-8-F for dry line and indicator use
  • Rio Switch 7/8 -Great for bead/nymphing from boats or foot, light sink tip single hand work
  • S.A. Sharkskin Magnum Taper WF-8-F for dry line and indicator use
  • S.A. Mastery Salmon/Steelhead WF-9-F for indicator use with a long leader
  • Rio DC 24' Streamer Sink Tip 300 grain for getting deep when overhead casting 

Double Hand/Spey Lines 420-480 grains:

  • Airflo Scandi Compact 420-450gr.-For dry line use such as skating dries and swinging nymphs (Advanced casters that like lighter lines will like the 330gr.We like the 420gr all around and the 450gr. is good for novice casters and those who really like to load the rod.)
  • Airflo Skagit Compact, Skagit Switch 450-480gr.-For use with a sink tips and heavier flies.  The longer Compact will be prefered by advance casters and the Switch will be prefered by beginner to intermediate caster.  (We like both in the 480gr.)
  • Airflo Rage 450gr. This Scandi/Skagit Hybrid is a great choice for multiple applications
  • Rio Scandi Short Versitip #7 425gr.  This line is similar to the Rage.  Incredible versitile and our choice for a one line does all.

Poly Leaders/Sink Tips:

  • Airflo 10-14' Polyleaders (Floating and Intermediate sink for use with Scandi Heads and Fast Sink-Extra Super Fast for use with Skagit-style heads.)
  • Airflo Custom Cut 200 gr. cut to 8'-12' (Use with Skagit style heads and lines.)
  • Rio  T8 cut to 10'-12', T11 cut to 10' (Use with Skagit style heads and lines.)


  • Fast action Konnetic Technology construction
  • Black Ice shaft color
  • Black primary thread wraps with bronze trimwraps
  • Fuji stripper guides Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top
  • Sage Super Plus custom cork fore grip and rear grip
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion
  • Golden bronze down locking anodized reel seat





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