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"Trout Bum" Salmon & Steelhead Package101 Uses For a Golden Retriever Book - 65% OFF

"Trout Bum" Trout Package

Price: $845.00

A smooth and powerful Sage VXP rod is matched with Nautilus' FWX giga arbor reel. This outfit has all the power and finesse to fish trout in Alaska.

The Sage VXP is a sweet rod and, as we like to say in the shop, it is only one very small step in quality from the high end rods. VXP's  are smooth casters with a lot of reserve power down in the butt section. For all-around trout fishing we recommend the 5 weight. For bigger water and throwing heavier rigs go up to the 690. If you like a fighting butt, full wells grip, and anodized aluminum reel seat on your 6 weight, go with the 691. The 691 is a great beach fishing rod for sea run trout, pink salmon and even small silvers.

For reels, the Nautilus FWX is the lightest reel in its class and it has a totally sealed disc drag. 

The package includes a Rio Grand weight forward floating fly line. 

The Sage VXP rod comes with a cordura covered PVC rod & reel tube. Both rod and reel feature a Lifetime Guarantee.

Note that the photo shows a VT2 rod and a Galvan Torque Reel.




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