"Bare Bones" Kenai Package"Bare Bones" Trout Package

"Bare Bones" Salmon & Steelhead Package

Price: $299.00

If you need to keep it in the neighborhood of 3 bills, check out this package. An Echo Ion 4-piece rod is matched with an Echo Ion reel. Very solid gear that will serve you well.

The Echo Ion rod is fast action, stout, and powerful enough to do battle with all variety of salmon.  Go with the 8 weight for an all-around salmon rod and  the 7 weight for a light salmon rod.

The reel is an Echo Ion lined with a weight forward floating fly line and a 9' 12lb. salmon steelhead leader. The Ion reel is a large arbor reel with a disc drag. The 8 weight package comes with the Ion 8/10 reel and the 7 weight package comes with the Ion 6/7 reel.

We also offer the option of upgrading to a Lamson Konic II reel. The Lamson Konic II reel has a robust drag and is a good salmon reel.

*Comes with a Cordura Rod Case, backing, weight forward floating line, and tapered leader. Rod has a Lifetime Guarantee.

*This package ships free in the U.S.




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