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Pliers, forceps, and hemostats.

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Abel #4 Pliers & Sheath


When you are done buying $20 pliers that get rusty in a couple of months, step up to Abel. These pliers are fully machined aluminum and stainless steel. They crush barbs, cut wire, pull knots tight and open beers! 
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Abel Combo Sheath


Just the sheath for a plier & knife combo. If you already have a nice knife, this sheath combined with the #4 pliers is a good way to go. (Pliers and knife not included.) 
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Abel Hybrid Hemostat


The easiest operating hemostat we have ever used. An ingenious thumb lock engages and disengages the locking mechanism. Perfect when your hands are cold! Precision replaceable jaws remove hooks and crush barbs with ease. 
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Abel Knife - Black


Every angler should carry a knife. From trimming line to cutting yourself out of a disastrous situation, a sharp knife is crucial. The Abel knife is as good as it gets. 
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Abel Plier & Knife Combo


The Abel Plier & Knife combo is an angler's dream. The finest fishing pliers available matched with an ultra-sharp knife. All stored in latigo leather sheath. Makes a terrific gift. 
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Abel Sheath for #4 Pliers


Just want the sheath and lanyard? Here it is. (Pliers not included!) 
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Dr. Slick Barracuda Plier


At 8 1/2" in length, these stainless steel long-nose pliers will keep your hand away from the fish. Great for pike or general use. Built-in side cutters, lanyard and sheath are included. 
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Dr. Slick Bullet Head Pliers


Stainless Steel stout 5 1/2" pliers that have plenty of power to remove hooks or crush barbs. Foam grip, side cutter, lanyard, and sheath are included. These are nice! 
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Dr. Slick Pisces Plier


The Pisces is Dr.Slick's heavy duty primo stainless steel plier. The Anvil Tungsten Carbide side cutters make short work of wire and braid. Very comfortable in the hand. These babies are built to last. 6.5" in length. 
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Dr. Slick Scissor Plier


Trying to minimalize tools and what not when out fishing Check out these clamps from Dr. Slick. A very handy scissor is built into these 5 1/2" locking clamps. Great for cutting indicator yarn, leader material, or trimming a fly. 
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Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamp


No more smashing that split shot with your teeth! The Split Shot Clamp are a great pair of hemostats that are designed to be used with all sizes and types of split shot. A must have for the Alaskan Bead Fisher. 
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Dr. Slick Straight Locking 4" Clamp


Dr. Slick's standard locking hemostat with gold loops. A minimal for releasing trout and grayling. Salmon guys will want the 5.5" 
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Dr. Slick Straight Locking 5.5" Clamp


5 1/2" locking clamp securely grabs flies for easy releases. Comfortable open loops won't cut into your fingers. 
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Powerjaw Scissor Forceps


Tired of carrying both Forceps and Pliers? Streamworks' Powerjaw Scissor Forceps does the job of both. It crushes large barbs, cuts mono and braid, and neatly removes hooks from fish. 
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Toothy Critter 8.5" Scissor Forceps


Streamworks Big Game Forceps are just the tool for big fish. The Power Jaws act as both a clamping forcep and a crushing plier. The scissors cut heavy mono and braid easily. 
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