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Peacock herl, peacock eyes, peacock brush, and peacock body feathers.

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Peacock Body Feathers


The beautiful blue/green color of Peacock Body Feathers are ideal for cheeks on salmon flies or collars on small flies. 10 feathers per package. 
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Peacock Eyes


Beautiful peacock eyes in Natural or Red. 
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Peacock Herl - Strung


Nothing matches the natural iridescence of peacock. Use it as a wing, tail, or wrapped as a body material. Comes in either 6"-8" or 10"-12". If you are making a peacock body go with the longer herl. 
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Peacock Herl Brush


Peacock Herl is twisted with wire to form this body material. Ideal for small or medium sized flies where a durable peacock body is needed. Try subbing this material for chenille on your next Wooly Bugger. 
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Peacock Sword


Peacock Sword makes gorgeous tails and wings on salmon and trout flies. It has slightly more blue tint to it than peacock herl. Two pair. 
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