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Other Tools

Fly tying tools such as whip finishers, hair stackers, hackle gages, bodkins, dubbing tools, and more.

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Bobbin Threaders - 3 Pack


You'll be glad you have a few of these on your tying bench. Very handy for threading bobbins or pulling thread underneath itself. 
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A bodkin has a million uses and should be on every tying desk. From cleaning out hook eyes to applying head cement to picking out dubbing, you will grab this tool every time you tie a fly.  
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Bodkin 3-in-1 Tool by C&F


The C&F bodkin is a premium quality tool for your tying desk. It features a curved needle for cleaning hook eyes or teasing dubbing, a half hitch tool, and stainless steel wire dubbing brush built in the handle. 
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Brass Hair Stacker


A hair stacker is a must if you are tying with calftail, arctic fox, elk hair, or any other material where an even wing is necessary. This machined brass stacker is heavy enough to comfortably stack hair wings.  
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Brassie Hair Packer


The Brassie Hair Packer is simple to use and very effective. Using a hair packer will make your spun deerhair flies much denser and the bodies smoother.  
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Collect All Waste Basket


Keep your significant other happy with this vise-mounted waste basket. It attaches to any 3/8" vise stem and swings out of the way when not in use. A great way to keep your tying desk clean.  
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Debarb Plier by TMC


The TMC Debarb Plier is a high quality tool for crushing barbs on hooks, flattening feather stems, and a multitude of other tying tasks. An excellent tool to add to your tying desk. 
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Dubbing & Hair Comb


This is a very high quality dubbing & fur comb. The handle is machined and the teeth are very durable. Much stronger than those found on plastic combs. Very useful for combing out underfur on dubbing, synthetic wings, or strike indicator yarn. 
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Hackle Plier


This simple hackle plier has a strong grip and is easy to tie with. It is a very nice tool.  
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Roto Dubbing Tool


The Roto Dubbing Tool is a split wire, ball bearing dubbing twister. Simply place the dubbing in the thread loop, and while holding the tool steady, spin the knurled dubbing wheel with your thumb. Comes with complete instructions. 
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Whip Finisher - Extended Reach


The Extended Reach Whip Finisher is particularly nice when you need to place a finish knot back from the hook eye. Tying off mylar tubing near the rear of the hook is one example.  
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Whip Finisher - Standard


A very affordable Matarelli-style whip finisher. We have found this style of finisher to be the easiest to use and will very accurately place your finishing knot.  
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