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Nippers and Retractors

Line nippers and retractors

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Abel Nipper Lanyard


Keep your Abel Nippers safe and secure with this perfectly thought out lanyard. Made of military grade parachute cord with machined aluminum and stainless steel components. 
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Abel Nippers


The Ultimate Line Nipper! Abel machines each one out of T-6061 aluminum. The jaws are also machined and heat treated to 58-60rc hardness. The jaws are replaceable and come with a limited 2 year warranty. 
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Basic Fly Fishing Tool Kit


The Basic Tool Kit is just the ticket for those starting out in fly fishing or if your tools need an upgrade. Includes a set of 5" Pliers, Mini Nipper, and Retractor Measuring Tape. Save $10 off buying them separately! 
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Dr. Slick Nipper and Knot Tyer


2" nipper with pin, file & knot tyer constructed of high grade Japanese stainless steel. The nipper has a handy hook file on backside. Silver. 
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Dr. Slick Nipper with Pin


Standard nipper with a pin for cleaning the hook eye. Attaches easily to a retractor. 
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Dr. Slick Nipper with Super Sharp Cutters


Our choice for nippers that cut the best and stay sharp the longest. Off set cutters let you get in close to the knot and high grade Japanese stainless steel insures long life. 
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Dr. Slick Pin on Retractor


A traditional steel-cord retractor with swivel ring. 
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Fishpond Aussie Clipper


This clipper is a simple, convenient, and affordable option. Constructed from durable plastic, the clippers use a razor sharp surgical stainless steel guillotine to snip through mono as heavy as 150 pounds. 
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Fishpond Pitchfork Aluminum Nipper


Breaking the traditional mold, Fishpond radically changed the design of probably the most often-used tool in fishing. Comfortable in the hand and blades that stay sharp nip after nip! 
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Fishpond Swivel Retractor


With its patented "push button" locking pin-mount mechanism, this retractor swivels 360-degrees, so your accessories and coil are not pinned down when you need them facing up or even sideways. 
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Master Tool Kit


The River & Lake Tool Kit includes 5" Forceps, a Medium Fly Box with Hook File, Mini Nipper, and Retractor/Measuring Tape. A great set of tools. The kit saves you $10 off buying them individually. 
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Mini Nipper


The Streamworks Mini Nipper packs a lot of cutting power in a small package. We cut a lot of heavy mono with these and they still are sharp. 
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Nip N Sip


Check out these super groovy double-duty nippers. Stainless steel jaws and grated extra wide thumb pads make snipping line a breeze. Flip them over and open your favorite bottled beverage. 
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Simms Retractor


The best $10 retractor you will ever see. The Simms Retractor is injection molded with a virtually unbreakable pigtail cord. Plus it is designed to fit all of Simms waders and packs. 
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Ultimate Nipper


Steamworks Ultimate Nipper does more than just snip mono. It has a built in hook hone for easy sharpening. There is also a hook eye cleaner & threader that slides out when needed and can thread flies as small as #20! 
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Umpqua Large Zinger


The Large UPG (Umpqua Pro Guide) zinger has a super secure swivel pin, over 3 feet of kink resistant coated wire, and a carabineer-style attachment for your heavier tools. 
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Umpqua Small Zinger


The Small UPG (Umpqua Pro Guide) zinger has a super secure swivel pin, 2 feet of kink resistant coated wire, and a carabineer-style attachment for your nipper or tools. 
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Zinger/Measuring Tape


A high quality, retractable 36" corrosion resistant steel measuring tape that doubles as a convenient retractor for holding nippers, forceps, lights and other fishing tools. 
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