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Tie-a-Dozen - MOAL Rhoid

Price: $19.95

All the materials you need to tie 12 MOAL Leeches. Octopus hooks, Spectra, Rabbit Strips, coneheads, beads, thread, and a sample fly. Choose from six different colors. Check out the video on our site for complete tying instructions. Note that the rabbit strips included are Staight Cut, not Crosscut. This gives the fly a slightly larger profile and helps keep the hair from engulfing and hiding the bead.

Please note that Zap-A-Gap super glue and Tear Mender flexible waterproof glue are not included in the kit. They are offered as an add-on.

The Front vise shown in the video is a Thompson Model 2A. It is one of the few vises that has an adjustable set of jaws that allows they tyer to position the jaws in a vertical position. It is ideal for a front vise when tying strung out or double hook flies.


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