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Nautilus FWX Reels


The FWX came out of a great reel (the FW Series) and now it is even better. A new spool design shaves almost half an ounce off each model. The spool features a Giga-Arbor design that picks up line super-fast and promotes drying of the line and backing. A new stainless steel clutch makes drag engagement instantaneous and smooth. Spool release and replacement has also been improved and simplified on the new FWX.

Finally, one of the newest creations to come out of the Nautilus think-tank is an industry first LaserIDâ„¢ line identification system: They have laser etched a white spot on the back of each FWX spool so that you may write the line type and weight that you are using on that spool. Write it on with a permanent marker and wipe it off with alcohol when changing lines. Also good to use to write your name or phone number in case you lose the reel. No more washed out or lost line stickers!

The FWX is an amazing reel and its pricing in the mid $200's is incredible. Fresh Water & Light Salt Water Safe!


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