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Lake Flies

Try these flies for catching trout in Alaska's lakes.

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New School Muddler - Olive #6


A new take on an old fly. The spun deerhair head pushes water nicely while the rabbit and marabou give the fly a suitably leechy look. 
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RJ Wooly - Orange #6


We are not sure what the trout think this is but they love it. A great fly to throw out there when naturals aren't working well. Good in lakes as well as streams.  
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Spruce Fly #8


A terrific lake and beaver pond fly for cutthroat. The red body adds attraction and the profile is just right.  
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Striptease - Pink


Don't overlook this fish-catching machine! Silvers, steelhead, pinks and chums all love this fly. Plus we have caught some huge cutthroat trout in the lakes with it! Be sure to check out the little #6 for Dollies and trout. 
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Tombstone - Dark Brown


The Tombstone is an attractor mayfly nymph that is a trout slayer. The added bit of pink is just what Alaskan trout love. Fish it spring through July or any time in the lakes. 
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