Kenai River Report 6-22-09 Print
Kenai River Report 6-22-09 | Kenai Peninsula

middle-river-flesh-eater.jpgFishing on the Kenai this week continues to blow minds and tippets. The first run of sockeye salmon continue to flood the Upper Kenai in massive swarms and fly fisherman targeting these chrome rockets are investing heavily in Ben- Gay cream. The bag limit has been increased to six fish per person and carcass piles are stacking up in the upper river and canyon like the battle of Troy. Big meat-eating magnum rainbows and Dollies are taking up residence behind these piles and anglers drifting micro-flesh and egg patterns continue to get heavy action. This coming week should start to produce some of the best trout fishing of the month as the sockeye numbers start to thin out and allow the srout to move back into their normal feeding lanes. Water conditions continue to be low and clear, and long leaders and light tippets should be standard for trout fisherman.

The Middle Kenai Trout Fishery is producing legendary results this week. High winds have finally stirred up Skilak Lake and pushed more silt into the middle river providing more camouflage for boat anglers. 4 inch leech patterns are still producing big chrome take downs above the Killey River. Fishing below the Killey River tributary this week has turned on heavy since the Killey has mellowed out and is not pumping straight mud into the Kenai. Big articulated flesh flies in white and dirty gray are hitting huge rainbows all the way to Bing's Landing and anglers should be prepared for some massive chrome action.

More reports to follow. Billy