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The Upper Kenai River opened this week with prime water conditions, and big Rainbows were in battle formations ready to pull anglers' chains after a long winter. The first run of Sockeye have arrived on the Upper Kenai heading for the Legendary Russian River, a main tributary of the Upper Kenai River. Magnum Trout and Char are using these five to seven pound chromers as meat shields to navigate up the river into the Combat Zone where hundreds of pounds of Sockeye carcass, guts, and egg sacs are being thrown back into the river by mobs of blood thirsty, frenzied salmon anglers below the confluence of the Russian and Kenai Rivers. Trout anglers dead drifting micro flesh flies and 8mm beads in the deeper runs and drops below the Salmon Apocalypse are getting their rotator cuffs stretched to the max.


The Kenai River Canyon is also producing some mega results in the Boils and deep cliff runs for some big native red stripers and transitional Chrome out of Skilak Lake. Again, flesh and egg patterns are standard connectors, however do not hesitate to swing some big leeches in the mix. The River delta into Skilak is especially kicking down on the swing, but be prepared to get embarrassed when that ultra rainbow pulls a figure- eight 360 swirl maneuver and wraps your neckpiece with fly line.


The middle Kenai River is throwing down some epic leech fishing for Rainbows from the outlet down to the Killey River Tributary. Trout anglers swinging deep with big 4-6 inch Loop Leeches in Black, Brown, and Olive are getting crushed on the swing. Massive schools of smolt are boiling out of Skilak Lake and the setting is straight out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” with Arctic terns and Loons swarming on the feed. Below the Killey River, articulated flesh flies in white, grey, and cream are lighting it up in the “dirty water” below this trib. I would highly recommend upgrading your tippets to the 12lb class in this stretch of water as the Rainbows here are completely on another level and hand out free lessons like you have never seen.

More Reports to follow