Kenai Report 9-6-10 Print

The Upper Kenai River and Canyon are in full Fall swing. Reds in every state of the spawn are in this section of the river and more are moving up from Skilak Lake on a daily basis. As you might guess, it is a bead show. With some reds already dying off, others dropping fresh eggs, and still more getting ready to spawn, a wide variety of bead colors in 6mm and 8mm are working. Dead egg imitations such as Washed Pink as well as fresh egg colors are all producing. There are carcass piles here and there and a swung flesh fly can work around these heaps of dead protein.

The Middle Kenai is improving for trout fishing. The last of the crimson king salmon torpedos are barely hanging on and  a 10mm bead fished behind them can work. The sockeye are finally putting eggs down and this will really kick the fishery into gear.

Silver fishing is sporadic. They are mixed in with the sockeye and foul-hooking goat roap is a distinct possibility. Choose your targets with care or be prepared to lose some flies.

Quartz Creek has slowed way down and the Russian River is on and off. Those willing to hike up the Russian quite a ways are having some good days on beads and flesh.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the brown fuzzies. Now that the reds are paired up and in shallow water the brown bears are on the river in force. 

See you out there!