Kenai Report 8-18-10 Print
Kenai Report 8-18-10 | Kenai Peninsula

The Upper Kenai is starting to ramp up for the fall trout madness. Plenty of sockeye are in the river but the egg drop has not started in earnest, yet. Hopefully in a week or so the spawn will be going in full force and the best fishing of the year will be upon us. If you put a gun to our head, August 25 would be a best guess for when the sockeye spawn should really take off.

Currently anglers are fishing large (10mm) beads behind spawning kings. These big bruiser are out in the middle of the river so a boat is a must for effectively reaching them. Use plenty of lead to get your offering down deep.

Swinging leeches, flesh, and sculpins in the area of holding sockeye is also a good tactic. There are trout milling around waiting for the egg drop and they will often grab a streamer if it is in the neighborhood.

Silver fishing is still fairly slow. There are a slew of pink salmon in the river this year and they are inhaling any pink colored fly that goes by. These eager grabbers make it hard to get your fly in front of a silver. More coho should be on the way and in the river soon.

Finally, good trout and Dolly fishing can be had in Quartz Creek and the Russian River. Try beads in Quartz and nymphs or small streamers in the Russian. These are both good options if you don't have a boat or are looking for a change of pace.

See you out there!

A big thanks to Keith at Worldwide in Anchorage for this week's Kenai report.