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The fishing is heating up all over Juneau. It is hard to choose what to chase right now since so much is going on at once! 


The Kings are off the beaches along North Douglas, in Fish Creek and off the mouth of Auke Creek. The return has been better than the last few years so now is the time to go look for one of these big bruisers. The 3 kings in the photo are from Saturday June 22nd. Check in with us about hitting the right tide since each spot has its prime window. A new pattern that has been fishing well is Mr. Bodangles. Originally designed as a coho fly, its smallish profile and rubber legs have made it a favorite. Both Chartreuse and Pink are working. 

Sockeye fishing at Windfall Creek has been spectacular this year. The fish have been around in good numbers and there seems to be an abundance of big boys, too. The Sockeye Lantern has been the stellar fly. Other winners are the Red Hot, Copper Swan and Mercer's Sockeye Fly. Check out our sockeye offerings here. Wednesday June 26 and Saturday June 29th are the last two days Windfall is open this year. 

Dolly Varden have temporarily vaporized as they make their annual migration from the beaches to the streams. Small pockets of fish are still marauding and devouring chum fry, but they move fast and are a bit hard to pin down. Start looking for Dollies to return to Cowee Creek as they get ready for the chums to come in and start dropping eggs.

Finally, saltwater pink salmon in Echo Cove are not far off. Try walking out from the boat launch on the right hand side of the cove. You may have to go all the way out until you are across from the sand spit, but the fish tend to group up in this area before they move in to the back of Echo Cove. Pink Humpy Hookers on a floating line will get it done. 

Finally, if your waders are leaky or your boots are felt come see us. We have some wader & boot package deals you won't want to miss. 

See you out there! Brad, Mike, Kayla, Chas, and Cory

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photo 1-1

Fishing in the Juneau area continues to get better and better.  Salt and estuary Dollies are in full swing.  They are mowing down smolt in the estuaries and along the channel. Bracketing the low tide in all areas of the channel from the Juneau-Douglas bridge all the way out to Fish Creek flats is a good bet.  Try Clouser Minnows in Gray & White or other small baitfish patterns if the water is still murky from this week’s rain. DIPAC is scheduled to start releasing chum fry this weekend, too. It is about to go from good to crazy good!

 The fish that are out a little farther away from Gastineau Channel are thriving on sand lance and herring. Good places to try are Echo Cove Sand Spit and Eagle Beach by the Boy Scout Camp.  Nice salt Dollies can also be found off of the rocks at the Shrine of St. Teresa, Lena Point and Dupont.  Try larger Clouser Minnows, Stinger Clousers and Pop’s Sandlance.  Often the outgoing tide is better, but don’t dismiss the incoming, especially out at Echo.

photo 21Windfall Creek is open for sockeye fishing Wednesdays and Saturdays in the month of June.  We haven’t received any reports of sockeye yet, but most years see the first fish return between the 7th and 10th.   If you don’t want to rush up there for first light, try a few hours after a high tide.  Often waves of fresh fish will show up.  Try Sockeye Lanterns, Red Hots and Mercer’s Sockeye Fly.

Hatchery kings are showing up at both DIPAC Hatchery and in Auke Bay.  These fish can be targeted off of the beaches in and around Salmon Creek and Auke Creek.  Fish should start to show up at Fish Creek in the next week or two.  Try Half n’ Half’s, Seekers, Rockstars, Mr. Bodangles as well as our new 2/0 King Clousers in Pink/White  and Chartreuse/White.  Fishing the falling tide is often the best bet.

Although fishing has taken its sweet time getting rolling this year, It is game on now!

Tight Lines and we’ll see you on the water!

Brad and Crew

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late june

As some of you may already know, roadside fishing in Juneau has started as a crawl this year, but has been moderately picking up as of late. Dolly fishing has been a bit spotty; the best producing areas being the mouths of Sheep Creek and very recently, Salmon Creek. The late spring we have had, and brisk stream temps due to snow melt are keeping the dollies out in the salt and away from the bigger estuaries.  As stream temps start to warm the dolly fishing should improve immensely.  In the next few weeks, you may want to keep an eye and ear out for them rolling on into Montana and Cowee Creek.

Starting Saturday the 1st, Eagle Beach and Auke Bay re-open to Dolly fishing.  These could be really good spots to check out over the next week or two; before the fish start to migrate back into freshwater in preparation for the return of pinks and chums.   Good patterns to try are Clouser Minnow, Stinger Clousers and other baitfish patterns.

Word from the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery is that due to the late spring, Chum Smolt releases have been held back because of slow growth rates.  Their first expected release will be around June 8th. After that, Dolly fishing in the Gastineau Channel should really pick up.

Now, we have all been wondering about the expected King and Silver return this year, and the guys over at the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery have reassured us that the forecast this year is a good one! Both species are expected to have about a 15% increase over last year’s returns. This should make for some good fishing in the next few weeks and then again in mid August when the silver start to show up.

Looking for some more good news? Kings are already showing up at the Auke Creek release site and in front of the hatchery! Fish Creek should start to see salmon returning soon, with the fishing picking up between June 10th-15th and peaking between the 25th and July 1st.  Try big Chartreuse/White, Pink/White and Tutti-Frutti Clousers, and Herring patterns such as the Bad Sea Habit for these early fish and transition into the big, bright patterns like the Seeker and Rockstar in a few weeks.

Pinks and chums shouldn’t be too far out, the first chum typically begin to return to Amalga Harbor this coming  week, with fishable numbers usually showing up between June 7-10. That said, these early chum are often picky and can be difficult to catch; but when you do hook into one, hold on!  The first pinks should show up at Echo Cove around the Summer Solstice.  The good ol’ Humpy Hooker is the fly for these bright little bombs when they get here.  And, they should return in force this year as the numbers predicted to return are substantial. If you would like a challenge-- take the Pink Wog Test and try to hook a few fish on the surface!

It’s time to get your fish on! 

We’ll see you on the water,

-Brad and crew


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The weather is improving, the fish are back, and it is time to get out there!

The Dolly fishing is steadily improving as more and more of them pour out of the lakes and are now marauding the beaches and river mouths. We have been watching the Auke Creek Weir counts, which are a good indicator of Dolly movement on the road system, and since April 26 they have been coming out in big numbers. 

A few good spots are Sheep Creek, the mouth of Peterson Creek and Lower Cowee Creek. Salmon Fry in Green & Gold #6, Clouser Minnows in Olive/White #6 and Gray/White #6, Epoxy Mini Minnows and Lord of the Fry's are all working their magic. 

In the next few weeks DIPAC will start releasing all their chum fry at Amalga, Sheep Creek and the Hatchery itself. That will take the fishing up another notch..... 

Steelhead are also making their annual entrance to local streams. A few of the pics here are not on the Juneau road system, but are not far off and were taken the weekend of May 4th.

slab on sqSteelies are getting picked up in local creeks and as usual you gotta do some hunting. Put in the time and effort and you have a good shot at being rewarded.

 fish in hand


See you on the water! Brad, Mike and the crew.  

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photo 31

Here’s a warm welcome to the 2013 season.  This last weekend brought in clear skies and warm Spring temps which encouraged a fair number of anglers to hit the creeks and lakes.  On most waters, the ice is just starting to open up, while others are wide open.  Water has been low and clear with the cold nights still freezing the upper basins.  But the weather forecast for the next week is for warmer days with rain which is perfect for enticing the trout and dollies out of the lakes and into the streams and estuaries and fishing will only get better as we move into May.

Rumors of early steelhead are floating around, but no confirmed reports yet around Juneau.  Decent reports came in from the Situk from last week, but we haven’t heard too much from the weekend. Our guess is that steelhead will start to trickle into the water around Juneau with the upcoming rains and the Situk will see a good number of fish move in as well.  Be ready to get after it!

Check back with us soon for the latest reports,

-Brad, Mike, Cory, Chaz and Kayla

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