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River and creek water levels have dropped substantially since last week, and the Gastineau Channel is officially back to it's normal color.... That means they are without a doubt fishable again! With the recent large tides and rainfall, the Coho's have begun to move into their usual spots around town. The fishing has still been a hit and miss, but it is a great time to go see what you can find.

If you plan on taking a drive to Cowee Creek this weekend, try large flies like the Dolly Llama in black/white or pink/purple, Jig Spankers in pink, chartreuse or tutti frutti. Egg Sucking Leeches and Hareball Leeches can produce too. While your there, be sure to check out down by the meadow, just above tide water… Here, try Clouser Minnows in addition to Dolly Llamas and Jig Spankers. Good colors in tide water are chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow, pink/white, tutti frutti and pink/purple.

For Silvers, you can also try the Gastineau Channel on the last few hours of the outgoing tide and the first few of the incoming: Clousers and similar patterns are the bread and butter. Try throwing these flies with a 9-10’ leader or off of a slow sink tip. Good colors are the same here as Cowee; chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow, pink/white, tutti frutti and pink/purple. If you plan on fishing out in front of Salmon Creek, try the flood tide beginning about an hour into the incoming.

Still on a Dolly hunt? With the lack of Pink return this year, the creeks are pretty bare with the exception of the occasional Coho or Chum carcass, so the Dollies are hungry. In Cowee Creek and Montana Creek, the Dollies are dropping down into deeper holes and holding; Try flies like the Egg Sucking Leech, B.H. Bugger- White, Twofer, and occasionally some large fry patterns as well as some 8-10mm beads in Light Orange, Washed Orange, and Peachy colors.

Now is a great time to get out on the water and see what you can find...especially while the sun is shining!

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla


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Rain. Rain heavy at times. Rain with heavy showers... with no foreseeable sun. This constant rain impacts our fishing quite a bit around Juneau as the rivers run high, and the Gastineau Channel turns into a chocolate milk color. The large tides and rain over the last week have been washing the dead Chum out of creeks, and some fresh Coho into them. It is not the most glorious weather outside to go fishing in, but as soon as the rain holds, this town is going to light up with Coho's.

If you are interesting in embracing the constant storm outside, we suggest going to places like Point Louisa, Auke Creek, Outer Point, and Salmon Creek. Focusing on fishing in the salt, try using flies like the Clouser Minnow- Chartreuse/White, Tutti Fruiti, and Pink/White or the Half n'Half Chartreuse/White or Pink/White. Any bright colored flies that stand out in the off-colored water will be your best bet.

The Dolly Varden fishery continues around the Juneau area, but is also impacted by the high rain and water levels we are seeing in the creeks. As the creeks begin to drop back into shape, continue to fish your egg patters, and bead patterns, as well as small flesh patterns in places like Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek and Montana Creek.

Where there is a will (...and good rain gear, it may be time for you to check out what's new in Simms jackets) there is a way! There are fish to be caught out there, and as soon as the rain lets up, it's ON!

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla


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As we begin the first week of August, we hear a lot of questions about where the Silvers are... And, we have the same answers as last year- they should be returning soon. Early places to begin looking for the Silvers are False Outer Point, Point Louisa, the Shrine, and the mouth of Salmon Creek. As the Coho begin to cruise towards the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, we should begin to see them more in places like Salmon Creek 5 mile North Douglas. Flies to try and target these early Coho are Clouser Minnow- Chartreuse/White, Pink/White, Tutti Fruiti, Purple/Pink and Chartreuse/Yellow. Half n' Half in Chartreuse/White or Pink/White, Mr. Bodangles in Pink, Chartreuse, or Chartreuse/Blue are also good flies to have in the arsenal.

The Pink Salmon are few and far between, but if you choose to hunt down one of these illusive salmon, there have been a few seen swimming around Cowee Creek and the sand spit at Echo Cove. Try flies like the Humpy Hooker, Searunner Special, Deep Six- Pink, and L.E. Egg Sucking Leech- Pink.

The Dolly Varden fishing continues to be in full swing in the freshwater creeks around the Juneau road system. Sheep, Salmon, Montana, and Cowee Creek continue to be strong fisheries as the Chum in the area are in full spawn and now beginning to die off. Try drifting flies such as Glo Bug- Peachy King, B.H. Gorman Egg- Pink, Fish Emission Egg- Pink, Orange, and Salmon Egg. If you are bead fishing, try alternating 8mm and 10mm beads, drifting them in pockets behind the spawning salmon. As the dead Chum begin to leave the creeks more and more, flesh patterns come into play. If you are fishing around log jams, stumps and deeper pools, you can try fishing Egg Sucking Leech- White/Pearl, B.H. Bugger- White, Twofer-Flesh, Battle Creeks and the Two Egg Omelet.


Happy Fishing!


Other news this week....





Our last FREE casting lesson of the summer is this Friday, August 8th from 6:00-8:00pm. We will meet at the shop, go over basic gear, and then head out and go cast a rod!

We have posted our Silver Salmon General Hosted Day for August 16th from 10:00am-Noon. Fly Fishing experience is necessary. This is a way for us to give you some hands on experience with one of our local fisheries off the road system. Bring your rod, reel, waders, and fishing license! Cost is $25 which includes a few flies and a leader for the day. Space is limited to 4, so sign up ahead of time!

*Women's Silver Salmon Hosted Day TBD*

Questions- Call us at 907.586.1550!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla


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Right now, we are in that special time of year where we can see Silver season approaching, yet it is not yet close enough to grasp. Now is a good time to make sure your fly line, leaders and flies are all in good working order for when they return. We still have a couple more weeks to wait, so that gives you all time to be sure you have what you need!

The Chum fishing season is beginning to slow, after a strong show early on. For the most part, they are in full spawn in the freshwater creeks around the Juneau area. As for the Pink salmon, the fishing has continued to be spotty, but a few can be found around the Echo Cove and Cowee Creek area. Low tides at Echo Cove are the easiest times to target these salmon, by walking out to the sand spit, or fishing along the sides of the cove. Try using pink flies such as the Humpy Hooker, Searunner Special, or Karluk Shrimp.

The Dolly Varden fishing has continued to move forward full steam ahead. Now, with a full transition into freshwater, the Dollies can be targeted in Sheep, Salmon, Montana, Peterson and Cowee Creek. Try using flies such as the orange and pink Glo Bugs, Gorman BH Eggs, Billy's Crystal Egg, Fish Emission Egg, and Battle Creek Special. Bead colors such as M. Peach Roe, M. Glo Roe, M. Tangerine, M. Mango, and M. Peachy King in 8mm and 10mm have been working best for the last few weeks. Drift these beads or egg pattern flies in pockets behind spawning Chum salmon to pick up the Dolly Varden. Please remember that if pegging the beads above a hook or fly, the bead must be within two inches of the hook. Otherwise the bead must be able to freely slide the entire length of your leader. Refer to the ADF&G regulations for more information.

As always, Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla


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This last week has been another dynamite week for fishing around the Juneau area.

With the Chum spawn now in full swing, the trout fishing has been great. The Dolly Varden have moved back into the freshwater creeks around the area, and are having a feeding frenzy on all the delicious Chum eggs floating down stream. Sheep Creek, Montana Creek, and Cowee Creek are all fishing extremely well. Egg patterns and beads in 8mm and 10mm are the key. For flies, try orange and pink in Glo Bugs, Gorman’s BH Egg and Billy’s Crystal Egg. Bead colors that are really good are Mottled Peach Roe, Mottled Glo Roe, Mottled Mango, Mottled Egg Yolk, Mottled Peachy King and Mottled Orange Clear. If painting your own beads, try Peachy Roe, Egg Yolk, Orange Clear, Glo Roe and Tangerine as the base color. Please remember that if pegging the beads above a hook or fly, the bead must be within two inches of the hook. Otherwise the bead must be able to freely slide the entire length of your leader. Refer to the ADF&G regulations for more information.


*Do note that the above photo was taken 7-19 on Cowee Creek. Don't forget your bear spray, dog, or bear deterrent the next time you head out that direction.*

On the salmon side of the spectrum, the Chum salmon are nearing the end of their life cycle, and are not as easy to target as they were a week ago. If you wish to chase a Chum try flies like the Hot Shot Comet- Pink or Chartreuse, Rocketman- White, or Striptease- White, Pink, or Purple. The Pink Salmon around the area are still few and far between. There have been a few spotted in the Echo Cove area milling around the cove at low tide, which have been most easily targeted from the sand spit with pink flies like the Humpy Hooker, Searunner Special, and Starlite Leech.


And, now we wait another couple of weeks until we can turn our sites onto the Coho Salmon.

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla


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