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Just got off the phone with the fine folks at DIPAC Hatchery to get the latest update on their spring fry releases. As you may know, when DIPAC starts releasing their chum fry the Dolly fishing goes off the hook. The good news is that they plan to make their first releases of the season between this Tuesday (May 18) and Friday (May 21).

The releases will happen at the Hatchery facility on Gastineau Channel, at Sheep Creek on Thane Road, and Amalga Harbor. DIPAC will then stagger additional releases over the next 3 weeks as each pen of fry reach their optimal size. In total, they will release 8 million fry from the hatchery, 15 million at Sheep Creek, and 44 million at Amalga Harbor. 

Get your 6 weight warmed up! See you out there. Brad

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It was a beautiful weekend and the sea run Dollies were off the beaches and stream mouths. This one fell for a Stinger Clouser in Olive/White. Variety was the name of the game when it came to flies. As soon as one fly would work the fish would shut off and it was time to dig through the box and come up with a new pattern. Clousers in Olive/White and Gray/White, Salmon Fry, Epoxy Mini Minnows, Neil Creek Darts, Stinger Clousers and more all worked at one time or another.

Steelheading was a might slow to say the least. The dry weather has kept river levels ultra-low and the chromies are mostly holding out in the salt. 

The first blast of rain we get is going to push fish in. This week's weather forecast calls for a 40% chance of rain on Tuesday and a 90% chance of rain on Wednesday. Looks like Thursday might be a good day to call in sick to work.....

See you out there.  Brad

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Just a quick report this time to let you know there are steelhead in the creeks. This beauty taped out at over 35" and was caught on the Juneau road system. It took a big Purple/Pink Dolly Llama. 

Money Bugs in Blue/Ceries or Green/Cerise are also killing it if the water is low. 

Time to get out there!

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Finally, after 3 cold springs in a row, we are having a warm one. Most of the snow at sea level is either going fast or already gone. Water levels in the streams have been fluctuating between medium and low and a few steelhead have been seen.

Although it feels like May, the steelhead know it isn't and as usual there are only a few fish in the rivers. Big tides at the end of April will most likely bring in the first significant push of fish. Anglers flying out of Juneau have reported finding a hand full of fish, but no major concentrations. May 1 - May 20 has historically b een the best window and that looks to be the case this year.

The beach fishing is just starting to pick up for sea-run Dolly Varden. The salmon fry emerged somewhat early this year and the Dollies followed them out into the salt. Dollies have already been caught at Sheep Creek, Dupont, the Douglas Bridge, and Amalga Harbor. The Channel around Salmon Creek has not produced yet and will most likely pick up once DIPAC released their fry in mid-May.   Clouser Minnows in a variety of colors, Salmon Fry , Neil Creek Darts , and Stinger Clousers are all great producers. Keep your eye out for feeding birds (usually Arctic terns) to help locate schools of fry. The Dollies are cruising in schools so action can be sporadic. 

Fishing the lower half of the tide for Dollies is most productive. Three hours before the low until three hours after the low. The higher end of the tide tends to spread out the fish. Expect a lull in the fishing right around the low, too. 

See you on the water. Brad

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This is the last report for 2009. The following is a short summary of what was a really good fishing season.

A harsh winter and late spring delayed the start of Dolly Varden and Steelhead fishing, but once it got going it was very good. The heavy snowpack kept the creeks flowing nicely and the steelhead showed up in good numbers. June kicked off the king salmon season and while numbers were down a bit the size of the fish were up.  Summer brought a large chum run along with good water levels. That meant hot Dolly fishing in the creeks and reports from anglers seem to indicate that Dollies are getting bigger every year. The pink run was sizable and Cowee and Echo Cove produced for months. Finally, the silver run was much better than the last few years. Creek levels were good and Gastineau Channel had another solid year. 

With October being quite dry, the silver fishing has continued in Cowee Creek. If river levels remain fishable it is a great time to get out and enjoy the last bittersweet days of fall fishing. Make up a thermos of hot coffee, put on your Gore-Tex, and head out! If the rivers blow out don't forget the lakes. Two of my favorites are Windfall and the Dredge Lakes. If you can get out in the lakes with a float tube or canoe you are way ahead of the game. The Cutthroat and Dollies are still feeding like crazy before ice up.

I will start the report back up April when the fishing starts to pick up. Thanks to all who read the report this season. 

Have a great winter! Brad

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