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There is a lot going on right now so lets get to it.

Kings -  The king run has gone from ramping up to full on. Last night's tide had rollers and jumpers all over the place. Quite a few anglers hooked up and several fish made it to the net. Fish Creek after the high (on the dropping tide) and the surrounding areas have been most  productive.  Make sure to have your No-See-Um Head Net as the bugs are epic this year.

Sockeye at Windfall Creek - Reports from Saturday were of fairly low water in spite of all the rain. It seems like quite a few fish moved up. Hopefully the huge tides this week will reload the creek with fresh bright fish. Wednesday it is back on.

Dolly Varden - The Channel has finally really caught fire. Salmon Creek, the beaches across from Salmon Creek on Douglas Island, and little Kowee Creek by the Douglas Bridge have all been hot.

Finally, Cowee Creek out the road has filled up with Dollies. They annually make their move into the rivers about this time and reports are good. Try downstream from the bridge with a Pink Clouser Minnow, Battle Creek Special, or Pearl Pink Egg Sucking Leech.

See you out there, Brad

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Yep, the sockeye are in. Our man on the ground was up there and reported a slug of ultra-chromers has pushed into the mouth of Windfall Creek. Not many had pushed up past the confluence at this time.  Water conditions are low and there is very little current in the creek but at least there are fresh fish to cast to!

Make sure you have a 9' tapered leader, B or BB split shot, Thingamabobber Strike Indicators , and a handful of sockeye flies

Good Luck. Brad

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The Windfall Creek sockeye fishery is open again. Wednesdays and Saturdays for the month of June. No fishing at all on the other 5 days. A few intrepid anglers made their way up on June 2nd. No sockeye were reported but water levels were good. The Herbert River was raging due to all the warm weather. Hopefully this will encourage the fish to push up.

Sockeye Lanterns and Red Hots have consistently been the top two flies at Windfall. Last year we introduced a new line of flies call the Sockeye Lightning . They come in 5 different colors and fished really well. The Purple Sockeye Lightning was a good "sleeper" fly when the usual colors weren't working.

Kings are slowly making their way in. Jumpers have been seen here and there in the channel and a few have been caught on conventional gear at DIPAC. It won't be long! 

See you on the water. Brad

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Dolly fishing remains a hit and miss event. Happily, the last few days have had more reports of good fishing and some very nice fish have been caught. DIPAC has not unleashed any massive chum fry releases yet. Instead they have held the fry a bit longer than normal to fatten them up even more. Their plan at the moment is to release a big chunk right around June 1.

Even without the hatchery fry to heat things up, Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, Amalga Harbor, and Echo Cove have all had some very good days of late. Eagle Beach by the Boy Scout Camp will open to fishing on June 1 and it generally is good. Sance Lance patterns can work very well since the beach out there is sandy and is home to quite a few of these little baitfish. Out around the sand spit at Echo Cove and the mouth of Fish Creek out by the channel marker are two other good sand lance areas.  

Steelheading for all practical purposes is over. The creeks are still ultra-low and the fish that have come in have no where to hide. Give them a break and let them do their thing. 

Finally, we have heard several reports of a school of kings cruising off of DIPAC. This is pretty early for hatchery fish and hopefully is a sign of a strong run on the way. In general June 10-15 is the real kick off of the Fish Creek/Channel king fishery. More on that later.

Enjoy the weekend and see you out there. Brad 

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Just got off the phone with the fine folks at DIPAC Hatchery to get the latest update on their spring fry releases. As you may know, when DIPAC starts releasing their chum fry the Dolly fishing goes off the hook. The good news is that they plan to make their first releases of the season between this Tuesday (May 18) and Friday (May 21).

The releases will happen at the Hatchery facility on Gastineau Channel, at Sheep Creek on Thane Road, and Amalga Harbor. DIPAC will then stagger additional releases over the next 3 weeks as each pen of fry reach their optimal size. In total, they will release 8 million fry from the hatchery, 15 million at Sheep Creek, and 44 million at Amalga Harbor. 

Get your 6 weight warmed up! See you out there. Brad

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