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If you haven't already, it's time for you to get out fishing.

The King fishing is officially under-way. The Kings are returning to their final destination fisheries such as Fish Creek, Salmon Creek, and Auke Creek. They have been milling around in the salt off the beaches around these areas regularly for the last week. If you feel like targeting these salmon, Auke Creek fishes best at a high or dropping tide, Salmon Creek at a dropping or flooding tide, and Fish Creek at a flood tide. You can use flies like the Rock-star, Stinger Prawn, Squidro, or Mr. Bodangles in a chartreuse, pink, or orange color scheme.

The Sockeye fishing at Windfall creek has been hit and miss. With all of the recent rain fall, the creek is running a bit higher than the Sockeye seem to like. The Sockeye are around, they are just moving into the creek in waves. If you are planning on making the trek this Saturday or coming Wednesday, try flies like the Red Hot, Sockeye Lightning, Sockeye Lantern, and Mercer's Sockeye Fly.

The time of year has come when the Dolly Varden begin to vaporize from salt and re-appear in freshwater. They can still be targeted in saltwater estuaries such as Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek and Auke Creek, but you can also begin to target these fish in freshwater creeks such as Cowee Creek. If you wish to target these Dolly Varden in saltwater, try fry pattern flies, such as the Stinger Clouser and the Clone. If you want to venture into freshwater try flies like the Humpy Hooker, Pink/White Clouser Minnows, UV Calamari, and the Karluk Shrimp.

Finally, the Pink and Chum Salmon are beginning to return to town as well. The Chum Salmon can be found milling around the Amalga Harbor and Sheep Creek area. The Chum can be targeted with the Egg Sucking Leech, Hot Shot Comet and Sid Fishes in dark colors. On the other hand, the Pink Salmon should be beginning to arrive at Echo Cove, and can be caught with the Humpy Hooker, UV Calamari and the Searunner Special.

So many choices, and so much time! Rain or shine, now is the time!

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas

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The seasons are changing around Juneau when it comes to fly fishing, and here is what you need to know:

The Dolly Varden fishing continues to be a constant fishery, but we need to remember that with the anticipation of the salmon spawn, the dollies begin to return to the fresh water creeks, thus become harder to find. For now, dollies can still be found in creek estuaries and off of beaches from Point DuPont to the Echo Cove sand spit. Continuing to use rather large fry patterns to catch these Dolly Varden in the salt water and estuaries is your best bet. We expect the dollies to begin to transition into Cowee Creek and Sheep Creek soon, so you can begin to use pink and white, and all pink clousers to catch these early returns.

Sockeye fishing at Windfall Creek has fully begun. The salmon seem to be moving into the creek in waves, depending on the tides. The Sockeye Lantern has been the best fly thus far; other flies to try are Sockeye Lightning in red or chartreuse, along with Mercer’s Sockeye Fly or the Copper Swan. Remember that Windfall Creek is only open to fishing Wednesday’s and Saturday’s until the end of the month.

Finally, the King Salmon are beginning to appear around town. The Auke Creek area has seemingly been the best fishing spot so far, but we do expect that the North Douglas and Fish Creek area will begin to see Kings later on this week. Check in with us about hitting the right tide because each spot has its prime window. Some new flies to try are Squidro: 12th Man Edition, Squidro: Pink/Orange, Mr. Bodangles: 12th Man Edition, the Rock Star in Pink or Chartreuse, or 2/0 Clouser Minnows.

As always, if you have any questions about your next fishing adventure stop by the shop or give us a call.

 Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas



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The Dolly Varden are in full swing all along the road system. They are gorging themselves on fry in estuaries and salt around the Gastineau Channel. Bracketing the low tide in all areas of the channel from Sheep Creek, to the Juneau-Douglas bridge all the way out to the Fish Creek flats is a good bet. Try Clouser Minnows in olive and white or gray and white. The fry in the channel are beginning to get a bit larger, so you could even try a Stinger Clouser Minnow in olive and white. The Dollies that are out further in the salt, in places such as Boy Scout Beach and the sand spit at Echo Cove, can be caught on olive and white Clouser Minnows and Pop's Sand Lance. The fishing at these two destinations seems to produce more fish at a dropping tide, but do not underestimate the incoming tide; it can be good, too!

Windfall Creek is now open to sockeye fishing Wednesday and Saturday's the month of June. We have yet to hear of any sockeye being caught up there, but we usually do not hear of any until the second Wednesday or Saturday of the month, so this next week should be good fishing up there! Try your luck with some Sockeye Lantern's, Red Hot's, and Mercer's Sockeye Fly.

Kings are beginning to show up to the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, Fish Creek and Auke Creek release sites. These kings can be targeted in and around the mouth of Salmon Creek and Auke Creek. The best fishing numbers in these places tend to get better mid to late June, so now is the time to check your flies and make sure you have what you need. While targeting the Kings, try using 2/0 Clouser Minnows, Half n' Half's, Rockstars, and Mr. Bodangles in colors like pink and white, chartreuse and white, and chartreuse and blue.


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Well, it's looking like a good year of fishing for us here in Juneau!

The dolly fishing continues to get better everyday. Places to check for Dollies: Everywhere. Remember that Auke Creek opens to fishing on June 1st, as does Eagle Beach/Boyscout Camp. Both spots can be great places to fish at an outgoing tide, or an incoming tide from low. At Eagle Beach in particular, you can try a fly like Pop's Sand lance as well as stinger clousers in olive/white and gray/white.

As for salmon, we have been hearing rumors or kings milling around the area, but none of these rumors have been proven to be true yet. However, sockeye season is soon approaching! Windfall lake closes to fishing on May 31st, and only opens on Wednesday and Saturdays to anglers. You can try your luck for some sockeye on flies such as the Red Hot, Sockeye Lightnings, and Copper Swans.

If ever you have fishing questions, feel free to swing into the shop or give us a call!

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas


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The hunt is over, folks... the Dolly Varden in the Juneau area have finally set their sights on the salmon fry. With DIPAC beginning their annual net pen releases for the next couple of weeks, we can only expect the feeding frenzy and fishing to get better from here! From what we have seen, the size of Dollies have been all over the charts, but the one thing they all have in common right now; they love green and white and gray and white clousers.

Good places to fish will be Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, and Peterson Creek. When fishing for these Dollies, try to fish where the fresh and salt water collide, that is where the fry are leaving the safety of their winter homes, and the dollies are feeding on the masses. These creek mouths tend to fish better at either an outgoing or incoming tide. Do not be afraid to blind cast a bit into the salt, either! Sometimes, you will not see the dollies actively feeding on the surface, so it never hurts to try your luck in deeper tide waters.

If you are still in search of your annual steelhead catch, they are still trickling into creeks around the Juneau area. However, since they are nearing the end of their run, please make sure that the steelhead you are casting to is not actively building its redd or spawning.

Finally, it is the time of year to begin thinking about King fishing. These salmon can be spotted at Outer Point, Auke Creek, and soon enough at Fish Creek.

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas


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