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This last week has been another dynamite week for fishing around the Juneau area.

With the Chum spawn now in full swing, the trout fishing has been great. The Dolly Varden have moved back into the freshwater creeks around the area, and are having a feeding frenzy on all the delicious Chum eggs floating down stream. Sheep Creek, Montana Creek, and Cowee Creek are all fishing extremely well. Egg patterns and beads in 8mm and 10mm are the key. For flies, try orange and pink in Glo Bugs, Gorman’s BH Egg and Billy’s Crystal Egg. Bead colors that are really good are Mottled Peach Roe, Mottled Glo Roe, Mottled Mango, Mottled Egg Yolk, Mottled Peachy King and Mottled Orange Clear. If painting your own beads, try Peachy Roe, Egg Yolk, Orange Clear, Glo Roe and Tangerine as the base color. Please remember that if pegging the beads above a hook or fly, the bead must be within two inches of the hook. Otherwise the bead must be able to freely slide the entire length of your leader. Refer to the ADF&G regulations for more information.


*Do note that the above photo was taken 7-19 on Cowee Creek. Don't forget your bear spray, dog, or bear deterrent the next time you head out that direction.*

On the salmon side of the spectrum, the Chum salmon are nearing the end of their life cycle, and are not as easy to target as they were a week ago. If you wish to chase a Chum try flies like the Hot Shot Comet- Pink or Chartreuse, Rocketman- White, or Striptease- White, Pink, or Purple. The Pink Salmon around the area are still few and far between. There have been a few spotted in the Echo Cove area milling around the cove at low tide, which have been most easily targeted from the sand spit with pink flies like the Humpy Hooker, Searunner Special, and Starlite Leech.


And, now we wait another couple of weeks until we can turn our sites onto the Coho Salmon.

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla


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dolly montana


dolly montana kayla

Fishing around the Juneau road system has continued to get better and better. There has been a good number of chum salmon returning to the creeks around the area, which makes for great Dolly and trout fishing. Although this year has turned out to be an off year for Pink Salmon, don't let that discourage you from fishing altogether.

The Chum Salmon have been returning in masses, and can be spotted in areas like Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, Montana Creek, Peterson Creek/Amalga Harbor and Cowee Creek. If you get into a school of aggressive Chums, the fly to use is the Striptease- white, pink or purple, Rocket Man- white, pink, or chartreuse, and Hot Shot Comet- pink or chartreuse.

On the chromer side of things, the Dolly Varden have been on a feeding frenzy all around Juneau. The Dollies have been especially aggressive when it comes to egg patterns such a Glo Bug- peachy king, Beadhead Gorman Egg- pink or orange, and the Fish Emission Egg-salmon egg. You can also use beads such as Mottled peachy king, orange clear, and glow roe in 8mm, and 10mm.

Don't forget we have one last FREE casting lesson tomorrow, July 18th from 6:00-8:00pm!We will meet at the shop, and go cast from there. Come one, Come all!

As always, Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla



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Estuary chums edit

late june edit

The pink salmon fishing has had a very slow start around the Juneau area, to say the least. There have been one or two fresh pinks each day beginning to mill around the Echo Cove area, but not in numbers we locals are used to. Your best bet in targeting salmon at this point may be to change your focus from pinks and begin targeting the mass amounts of chum salmon swarming the area. If you wish to focus on the chum salmon, try destinations like Peterson Creek and Amalga Harbor area, as well as Sheep Creek. The chum salmon can be picky when it comes to flies, but you can try the Striptease- white, Kilowatt- purple or pink, and Alaska Hot Bugger- Pink or Purple.

On the brighter side, the Dolly Varden have been running strong this season. The dollies this year have varied in size, from 6-25 inches, sometimes you just have to sort through the little guys to find a big one. They have now made their transition from the creek estuaries, back into fresh water and can be found in Cowee Creek, Salmon Creek, Montana Creek and Sheep Creek. The flies to use still varies from pink flies, such as the Humpy Hooker, and Karluk Shrimp, to egg patterns such as Glo- Bug- peachy king, Fish Emission Eggs- pink, and bead patterns in realistic salmon egg colors in size 8mm and 10mm.

As always, Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas


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Celebrate your Independence Day with an independent fishing adventure!   

The Dolly Varden are still on the move from saltwater to freshwater, and are a bit difficult to hunt down at the moment. Try fishing Salmon Creek with the Humpy Hooker, Cowee Creek with the Humpy Hooker, Peachy King Glo Bugs or B.H. Buggers in Thin Mint, or Black.

King Salmon can still be found around the Auke Bay area, on the last two hours of the incoming tide or the outgoing tide. Fishing for Kings around Auke Bay and Fish Creek has slowed down, and will probably taper off soon, so get out there while you still can! Try using flies like Mr. Bodangles in Pink or Chartreuse, the Rock star in Pinks or Chartreuse, or the Guide Intruder in Pink.

The Pink Salmon fishing is slowly beginning. The Pink salmon can be found milling around Echo cove at an outgoing to low, or an incoming from low tide. Pinks have also been spotted in Cowee Creek, down from the bridge. Try pink color patterns for the Pink Salmon; the Humpy Hooker, Sea runner Special, UV Calamari, and the Neon Shrimp- Candy Kane.

Finally, the Chum Salmon have begun to swarm the Salmon Creek and Peterson Creek areas- Expect to see them beg inning to return to Sheep Creek in another week or so. These salmon are a bit pickier when it comes to flies, but they love pink or purple flies. Try the Kilowatt- Purple, Hot Shot Comet- Pink or Purple, and the Egg Sucking Leech in Pink or Purple.

Also-- Remember, we have a couple more free casting lessons coming up!

Happy Fishing & Have a Happy Independence Day!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas


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Dolly on a String Leech

hen chum

The fishing is heating up all over Juneau. It is hard to choose what to chase right now since so much is going on all at once!

The king fishing in salt water is beginning to slow down, but has been a productive fishery this year. If you have yet to rope a king and you want to, try fishing in the freshwater at Fish Creek, or Auke Creek. Flies such as the Jumbo Critter, Squidro, Mr. Bodangles, or the Dolly Llama should work wonders for you.

If you are interested in fishing for some fresh sockeye salmon, this Saturday, June 28th is the last opening at Windfall Creek for the month. The fishing has been productive, and the salmon are continually moving through in waves. Try flies like the Sockeye Lightning in green and red, Red Hot, and the Copper Swan.

Pink and Chum salmon are now returning all around town, too! The Chum salmon have been returning to Amalga Harbor for the last week, we can only expect more to come. These salmon can be caught on the Kilowatt, Egg Sucking Leech, Neon Shrimp, and Striptease in colors like purple, pink,. The Pink salmon are now slowly returning to Echo Cove and Cowee Creek. They can be caught on flies like the Hump Hooker, UV Calamari, Sea runner Special and the Karluk Shrimp.

The Dolly Varden have temporarily vaporized as they make their annual migration from saltwater into freshwater creeks and streams. Some schools of dollies can still be found in the saltwater feeding on chum fry and can be caught using patterns such as the Stinger Clouser Minnow in Olive/White, the Clone. Start looking for dollies in streams like Montana Creek and Cowee Creek soon by using flies like the UV Calamari, Humpy Hooker, B.H. Bugger in Thin Mint, or White, and fry patterns.



Finally, we are offering some FREE fly casting lessons this weekend!

When:  Friday, June 27th from 6:00-8:00pm -OR- Saturday, June 28th from 10:00am-Noon

Where: Meet at the Fly Shop, we will head to either the Mendenhall River or Twin Lakes.

What you need: Dress for the weather! If you have fly gear of your own, feel free to bring it, other ways we will provide gear.

Hope to see you out on the water soon!

Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas


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