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It’s getting to be that time of year again. Our rivers and streams act like the Spring Tides, going from one extreme to the other; too much water or too little. This makes the roadside fishing a little more challenging than a month ago, but the fishing remains good and now is the time to go before the season is over!

Looking for silvers?  The channel out by Bayview continues to produce.  Fishing has slowed a little, but each tide  has a few fish from the hatchery run that are still crossing the bar.  Fishing out there should continue to be fair to good for the next week or two. 

For stream side action, Cowee has been the most reliable producer.  Try fishing the deeper pools and log jams with either heavy flies like the Jig Spanker or Dolly Llama, or use a short fast sink tip to get an Egg Sucking Leech.  Montana Creek should have a few fish still to come and with the forecast of rain, this could be a good bet. Try early in the morning or just after the high tide.

Looking for trout and Dollies?  Cowee should still produce a few on egg or flesh flesh patterns.  In Montana Creek, try flesh in the middle stretch and try small streamers or smolt patterns in the deeper pools in the upper stretches around the rifle range.  There could be some silver up there too.  Lakes can be a good bet for trout this time of year. Windfall Lake, the Dredge Lake System and Peterson Salt Chuck can be good places to check out.  Try small dark Wooly Buggers or Sculpin.

Hope to see you out there!

-Brad and Mike

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Friday and Saturday brought us a classic fall storm with some nice high wind, localized flooding, and coho likely pushing up on the high water. It may be a few days before we have much fishable water. We'll keep our eye on the fishing and post a report as soon as news is available.

A few reasons to not stow your fly gear for the season just yet:

  • The commercial fishing fleet is still doing well catching coho in the Juneau area. That means more fish are coming!
  • 2013 is turning out to be a really good coho year in general. A strong run usually goes on at least till the end of September with stragglers rolling in well into October.
  • Persistance catches fish. Although overall numbers have been good, day to day fly fishing has often been spotty. Keep at it and you will be rewarded. 

Stay tuned and head out to look for good water whenever you can.

Brad, Mike, Kayla & Chas

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coho mike 2012 2

Rain heavy at times…periods of sun…and so fall has sprung!  Silvers are in and we are experiencing true SE Alaska Fall weather.  When the weather, water clarity and tides permit, the channel has been producing well.  Standard flies like Clouser Minnows, Half n’ Half Deceivers and Polar Starlite Leeches are all working. Black & White has been a sleeper color of late that should be in your fly box.  When the water is off color, try S&B String Leeches in White or Party Girls in White.

Montana and Cowee Creek have been bouncing between too high and too low over the last few weeks.  The best time to hit these streams is when the water is just coming up or when it is receding following a heavy rain. Typically a floating line with a long leader and heavy pattern like the Jig Spanker will be the ticket.  If fishing during high water, try any holding water, back channels or sloughs with a fast sink tip line and white leech pattern.  The Rio Streamer Tip fly line is perfect as it has a 10 foot super fast sink tip. You can still mend it easily and it gets down quick in those small holding areas. S&B’s Super String Leech, Dolly Llamas and Strip Teases in White and Black & White are good fly choices as they put off a large profile and stand out in murky water.

Dolly and trout fishing is fair to good.  Beads and egg patterns are becoming less effective as there are less and less spawning pinks.  But do not count them out as good “dead” eggs are still floating around and can entice a hungry fish.  When fishing around deeper pools and log jams, try fishing small flesh patterns in white, cream or washed flesh.  Battle Creek Specials, Twofers and Two Egg Omelets are all good bets. The high water can kick up a lot of flesh from the spawned out carcasses which creates a good amount of late season food.

The fishing season is in the final stretches.  Now is the time to get out and get your fish on!!

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The Juneau road system is finally seeing fishable number of silvers.  With the recent rain and big tides, fish are starting to be found in all of the usual places. From Cowee Creek to the Channel, it is a good time to get after it.

Cowee is still teaming with Pinks.  They are in full spawn now, so finding bright fish is slightly tricky.  If you go out there in search of silvers, try the deeper pools, just up and down from the bridge.  Large flies like the Dolly Llama in black/white or pink/purple, Jig Spankers in pink, chartreuse or tutti frutti.  Egg Sucking Leeches and Hareball Leeches can produce too.  While your there, be sure to check out down by the meadow, just above tide water…  Here, try Clouser Minnows in addition to Dolly Llamas and Jig Spankers.  Good colors in tide water are chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow, pink/white, tutti frutti and pink/purple.  Remember that there are still loads of Pinks in the river, so throwing pink colors could result in lots of Pink before a Silver strikes.


For Silvers, you can also try the Gastineau Channel on the last few hours of the outgoing tide and the first few of the incoming:  Clousers and similar patterns rule here.  Try throwing these flies with a 9-10’ leader or off of a slow sink tip. Good colors are the same here as Cowee; chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow, pink/white, tutti frutti and pink/purple.  If you plan on fishing out in front of Salmon Creek, try the flood tide beginning about an hour into the incoming.

Still seeking Dollies?  Cowee Creek is still producing like wildfire, and Montana’s fish have moved into the deeper pools in the lower creek.  Sheep creek is still turning out a few fish, but the numbers are starting to slim down.  We suggest 8mm and 10mm beads in light orange, washed orange and peach color schemes or egg patterns and glo bugs in similar colors and sizes are safe bets.  In creeks like Sheep Creek, with lots of dead salmon lining the banks, you can also try some fleshy flies; they can always be good producers.  Try small washed flesh patterns if eggs/beads aren’t doing the trick. Articulated Cone Head Flesh and Bunny Flesh can be the ticket.

Now is the time to get out on the water and see what you can find!

Happy Fishing!

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As we roll into mid August, the question on the street is:  “Where are the silvers?” 

Our response: “Same as last year at this time, they are just showing up.” image 41

Preliminary reports from the Golden North Salmon Derby that happened this last weekend, is that three times more silvers were turned in compared to last year’s derby.  This should be a good indicator that the fish are coming and they are coming in good numbers.  The warmer and drier weather conditions are keeping the stream levels low. Silvers generally wait for a good rain before they come decide to push up into the fresh water.

Early spots to look for silvers are at the mouth of Salmon Creek, off of Point Louisa, Lena Point and the Shrine.  Fish should also start to make the crossing from North Douglas to the McCauley Hatchery. The channel should really start to pick up in the next two weeks.

Flies to try are the always go to Clouser Minnow in Chartreuse/White, Chartreuse/Yellow, Tutti Frutti, Pink/Purple and Black/White.  The Half n’ Half in Chartreuse/White and Pink/White are also good standbys.  Dolly Llamas in similar colors work surprisingly well in the saltwater and also work wonders in streams like Montana and Cowee Creek. New to the game this year is Mr. Bodangles.  Give this bad boy a try and see what you think.

Pinks and Chums are starting to wind down, especially the Chums.  The spawn is in full swing in all of the creeks and fishing for Dollies is superb.  Fishing eggs patterns like Gorman’s Bead Head Egg, Glo Bugs and Trout Beads has been very effective.  If you are fishing beads, make sure to have some 10mm’s in your bead box. They can be a real game changer.

As more of the chums and pinks pass on to the afterlife, flesh can become productive.  If there are few or no spawning salmon, try some flesh/egg patterns like the Twofer or the Two Egg Omelet.  This can be really good, especially around logs, stumps and deeper pools.

Get out there and hit it. It is going to get nothing but better for the next 6 weeks!

See you on the water. Brad, Mike, Kayla and Chas

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