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Last report for 2010.

Things are starting to get pretty tough out there. Coho fishing had been quite solid in Cowee Creek right through the first week of October, but as of October 10 the river pretty much was blown out and muddy. Montana Creek is the same story; high and off color. Not a whole lot going on anymore in the channel either. And with several big storms lined up in the Gulf of Alaska it looks like we will be getting heavy rain for the next week. Peterson is a possibility from Glacier Highway down to the Salt Chuck. The river level gets very high but usually doesn't turn to mud and there can be some late season hold outs. Try fishing a sink tip and slowly stripping flies along the bottom. 

The lakes, such as Windfall and Dredge, were producing nice cutts and as long as they don't get too muddied up they will keep fishing well for another month or until it gets really cold. 

Thanks for reading the report this year and we'll start them up again in April. Have a great winter. Brad

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For the first time in weeks it is raining in Juneau. In September. Unbelievable.

Anyway, the record dry spell had creeks nearly dry and the coho that were in them were freaked out and unwilling to cooperate on a regular basis. The most reliable fishing was in the channel where a solid run has been going on all month. It has been very day-to-day on whether the fish were in the mood to grab, but anglers showing persistance were generally rewarded.

Now that it is raining again, cohos that had been hunkered down are on the move in a big way.  Reports of pools filling with fish and then an hour later emptying as the fish bolted upstream have been coming in.This weekend and next week will take some searching to find out where these fish decide to hold. Cowee and Montana will continue to be good bets.

We'll have to wait and see on the channel. A lot of the fish in the Lemon Creek area may decide to push across the bar and bee line for the hatchery. Hopefully there is another wave behind them to fill back in.

Time is getting short so get out and hit it!  Brad


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After a slight lull in the fishing, a fresh batch of silvers have hit the rivers. A relatively dry week at the end of August saw river levels drop and few new fish. The ones in the creeks definitely got sulky, too.  A good slug of rain has brought river levels up and fresh fish have pushed in.

Cowee Creek has new fish both above and below the bridge. There were quite a few anglers out this weekend so finding a productive spot could be tough. While there are some very popular spots that consistently produce fish, there is still plenty of other water that will have at least a few cohos. Just look for slow deep pools around log jams. If it is deep enough there most likely will be a few fish in it.

Montana Creek also has fresh chromers. Same deal on Montana. The creek is long and most angling effort is at the confluence with the Mendenhall. Think about looking up stream if the mouth is crowded. Those fish all have to move somewhere. 

Finally, the channel has had its moments. A lot of silves have moved through and are now in front of DIPAC and Salmon Creek. Fishing the mouth of Salmon Creek, especially on a dropping tide has been productive. This next week is full of HUGE tide swings (some greater than 20 feet.)  This is going to make saltwater beach fishing challenging but it also is going to bring  a lot of new fish in.

See you out there. Brad 

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It might seem a little earlier than usual, but good numbers of silvers are in the rivers and along beaches in the channel. If I had to guess, I would say this is going to be a good silver year and here is why: The Golden North Salmon Derby had substantially more silvers turned in than the 5 year average, silvers are still being caught on the Outer Coast, and they are in freshwater early. This seems to point to a really robust run this year which we are all in favor of.

This past weekend saw solid fishing for silvers in Cowee Creek and the mouth of Montana Creek. Jig Spankers in Pink, Chartreuse, and Purple/Pink along with Dolly Llamas in Pink/White, Black/White, and Pink/Purple all were producers. Silvers love to hang in the log jams and deep pools so a fly that gets down quickly and has a lot of action is your best bet.log jam silver.jpg

In Gastineau Channel schools of silvers are moving around and taking Clouser Minnows in Chartreuse/White, Pink/White and Tutti Fruiti. These fish are still on the move big time so the fishing can go from dead to on fire in no time. Keep at it and look for rollers and jumpers to get you in the right place.

Finally, the Dolly fishing is still amazing in the rivers. Most of the chums got blown out of the creeks with the last high water but there are still a lot of pinks spawning, especially in Cowee. Look for the schools of pinks and fish a dead egg-style of bead in 6mm or 8mm for best results. Washed Pink and Apricot Swirl were especially deadly.

See you out there! Brad


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Juneau Report 08-11-10

Pinks: Roadside fishing for pinks remains fair to good. The run is starting to taper off out at Echo, but still offers a chance at brighter fish. There is a good number of fish that have entered and continue to enter Cowee Creek. Look into the deeper pools and slower runs to find fresher fish. There is a lot of spawning going on in the shallower runs and tail outs. Be careful when crossing these areas as to not walk into the spawning redds.

Good numbers of Pinks can also be found at the mouth of Fish Creek. Try a few hours before or an hour after the high tide. These pinks will be cruising around in schools and will readily take wet flies and the occasional dry fly. Most will be be in full spawning colors with large humps already showing, but there is still a few brighter fish to be had. Try Humpy Hookers, Pink Star Lite Leeches and Pink and Purple MOAL Leeches. For top water try Techno Wogs and Articulated Wogs in pink. For the best top water results, try a long slow strip creating a wake behind the fly.

Silvers: There has been a continuous buzz about the upcoming silver fishery and everyone wants to know: “when is it going start?” Well there has been rumors trickling in of the first fish coming to hand over the last week. And with the massive tides this week, we believe it. Please do not go out thinking that the silvers are in, but go out and fish. When the your first silver of the season comes to hand, smile, enjoy the moment and hope for another. If that other silver doesn't come, just remember that it is still early season. Try Clouser Minnows in Chartreuse & White, Pink & White and the Tutti Frutti. Other flies to try are the Jig Spanker Series, L.E. ESL's and Dolly Llamas.

Dollies: Dolly fishing is fair to excellent right now. Look for spawning salmon and fish the deeper runs and slots behind the redds. For those of you who like to bead, try 10mm beads in deeper pools and in higher water. Once the water drops, move down to 8mm and even 6mm beads. These smaller beads can fool even the finickiest of fish. Start with fresh colors like Tangerine and Natural Roe and try some of the deader colors like Fluor-Orange, Sun Orange and Apricots. If you have any questions of which bead to use, give us a shout. For those of you that prefer egg patterns, try #8 and #10 Glo Bugs and Gorman's #10 B.H. Eggs in lighter colors like Champagne and Washed Pink. These will often do the trick.

We hope to see you out there!

-Brad, Mike and Cory

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