Egg Yolk Trout BeadElk Hair

Eggs and Flesh Fly Selection

Price: $69.95

Much more than just a bunch of glo-bugs, the 30 patterns in this collection are some of the most realistic egg and flesh flies to be found. This box is a great way to outfit yourself for trout fishing. However, if you are fishing a full week you will want more flies than this. Going through a dozen flies a day is not uncommon. Includes Unreal Eggs in Peachy King, Burnt Orange, and Chartruese, Gorman’s Beadhead Eggs in Hot Pink and Orange, Battle Creek Specials, Two-Egg Omelette, MOAL Rhoids, AFG String Leeches in White & Flesh, Articulated Lady Flesh, Barely Legals, and more…..


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