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"Getting Started" King Salmon Package"Getting Started" Trout Package

"Getting Started" Salmon & Steelhead Package

Price: $719.00

A Sage 8 weight, 9 foot, 4-piece Response rod is matched with a dependable Lamson Guru reel. This is a terrific package for the money. The Response rod is a smooth casting, powerful rod that roll casts beautifully and has the power to cover big water. The Lamson Guru reel is a large arbor fully machined and anodized reel with a smooth and strong disc drag system. Both rod and reel have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.  

In this package we recommend the Rio Grand floating line. It is a half line size heavier to help more fully load the rod. It is also a great line for roll casting and throwing heavy flies. 

The Sage Response rod comes with a cordura covered PVC rod tube and the Guru reel comes with a neoprene reel case. Both rod and reel feature a Lifetime Guarantee.

Note that the photo does not show the actual rod and reel in this package.