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Skagit Master 3 DVD

Price: $39.99

Skagit Master 3 delves into the world of designing and tying steelhead flies. More than just a tying video, you get a seat at the table with some of the premier steelhead anglers tying today. 

Skagit Master 3 features a few modern patterns and the steelheaders who tie them: Hannah Belford, Tom Larimer, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Hickman, Ed Hepp and of course Scott Howell, Ed Ward and Jerry French.

Steelhead flies showcased: The Grizzly Bear, Reverse Marabou, Orange Blossom, Fish Taco, Underachiever, Ska-opper and an Ed Ward Intruder.

Skagit Master 3 is much more than a fly tying film: The steelheaders in the show invite you into their world. A series of underwater studies examine light and dark flies in various water and light conditions. A flow tank is used to present each pattern in a controlled environment.