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Body Tubing

Mylar Tubing, Everglow Tubing, EZ Body, and more

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Everglow Tubing Large


Everglow Tubing is the body material for Everglow Flies. Everglow Flies are very popular for chum, king and silver salmon as well as steelhead. Size Large is just right for Alaska-size flies in hook size 2/0 - #4. 
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Mylar Tubing - Pearl


Pearl Mylar Tubing makes very realistic and fishy-looking minnow bodies. 
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Mylar Tubing - Silver


The original body material for creating minnow patterns. Still has a ton of uses. 1 Yard per pack. 
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Prisma Permanent Markers


Prisma Markers are ideal for adding par marks, lateral lines, eyes and more. The markers don't bleed or fade, and the caps fit tightly. One end has a fine tip and the other has a wide tip. 
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Woven Body Material - Pearl


Woven body is a flat, ribbon-like material made of woven monofilament and mylar. It is stiffer than mylar tubing and makes great minnow bodies and bullet heads for streamers. 
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