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Salmon & Spey

Feathers for tying salmon and Spey flies along with Classic Salmon Fly substitutes for hard to find feathers.

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Barred Wood Duck


Barred Wood Duck makes beautiful classic salmon fly wings. The lemon-yellow feather with black and white tips is very dramatic. Each package comes with 3 Left feathers and 3 Rights. 
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Golden Pheasant Tippets - Dyed


Complete Dyed Golden Pheasant Tippet makes striking tails and wings on salmon flies. 
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Guinea Feathers - Strung


These are some of the nicest quality strung Guinea Feathers we have found. They fold nicely and make beautiful mottled collars on salmon and steelhead flies. 
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Teal Flank - Natural


Teal Flank is slightly smaller than mallard flank but the barring on it is much bolder and cleaner. Useful on salmon flies as a wing or wrapped as a collar. 
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