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Super Prawn - Popsicle 2/0Super Series Spools

Super Series Reels


Abels are the finest reel you can buy. A true 'lifetime' reel that will never wear out. This is the type of reel that you will hand down to your grand children. We have been fishing them for nearly 15 years in Alaska and have never had one fail. A large cork disc drag, double pawls, and ingeniously simple design are just a few of an Abel's great feautures. Once you fish one you will never go back. Color is gloss black. We can special order custom colors and designs, as well. Note that Abel Super Series reels are not quick release. However, they can be disassembled in under 30 seconds with a screwdriver, penny, or a dime. If you prefer a quick release spool, check out the Abel QC (Quick Change) reels.