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Bristol Bay - Early Season Bead SelectionBrite Bead Heads

Bristol Bay - Late Season Bead Selection

Bristol Bay - Late Season Bead Selection
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Fall in the Bristol Bay region is the time of year when the masses of sockeye salmon spawn.  The majority of the rivers in the region are littered with these beautiful salmon in their red spawning colors.  Trout and char key in on the smaller eggs of the sockeye, trying to gain as much weight before the winter freeze forces them back into the lakes. This bead selection is geared to mimic the different phases of a sockeye egg.  The brighter red and orange colors imitate the eggs just being laid, while the cream and yellow beads resemble eggs that have been washed out of the spawning beds. Not sure if this is the box for you? Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll gladly offer our suggestions.

Selection includes beads in 6mm and 8mm in Mottled Natural Roe, M. Dark Roe, M. Tangerine, M. Orange Clear, M. Peachy King, M. Mango, M. Egg Yolk, Shrimp, and M. Oregon Cheese. Also included are #4 and #6 hooks, BB and 3/0 split shot, wood & plastic bead pegs, Thingamabobber indicators ( 4 - 3/4") all packed in a compartmentalized box.

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