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Toothy Critter 8.5" Scissor Forceps

Price: $24.98

  A patented, stainless steel combo tool with serrated scissors and unique lateral Power Jaws™, that provides the clamping power of pliers, eliminating the need to carry two tools. Power Jaws™ de-barbs large and small hooks, crimps split shot and other items. Hardened, micro serrated scissors cut braided and gel-spun lines cleanly and quickly.

• 8.5" stainless steel forceps aid in holding, de-barbing and removing hooks. Also great for crimping large and small split shot and other weights.

• Combination ribbed and smooth jaw surfaces hold large and small hooks securely.

• Hardened stainless steel scissors with micro serrated edges cut Dacron® and gel-spun lines cleanly and quickly without leaving a frayed end.

• Three position closure provides positive locking on to any garment or object.

• Open loop handle is great when wearing gloves.