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Lamson Reels


Lamson Reels provide some of the best "bang for the buck" of any reel. They are light weight, made in the USA, and have the same proven conical drag in all 4 models.

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Lamson Guru Reels

The Guru is Lamson's lowest-priced fully machined reel. The design maximizes structural strength and minimize weight. It also shares identical drag design and components with their top reels. Priced from $199 - $269. 
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Lamson Guru Spare Spools


Lamson Guru Spools are a great value. Fully machined aluminum spools that range from $90 - $120. Add one to your arsenal and be ready for any situation. 
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Lamson Konic II Reels

The Konic II is our choice for an affordable Alaska-ready reel. The same super-smooth drag as their premium reels is matched with machined components and a pressure cast aluminum alloy spool and frame. A lot of reel for the money. Priced from $129-$159. 
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Lamson Litespeed Series IV Reels

The new Litespeed Series IV reels take the best aspects of Lamson reels and crafts them into the sweetest of light large arbor reels. If fast line pick up and light weight are what you like, this is the reel! Priced from $329 - $429. 
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Lamson Speedster Reel

The best way to describe the Lamson Speedster is Super Arbor. The spool is narrow but larger in circumference. This reel picks up line like you have never seen. Coho running at you? No problem! Priced from $289-$399. 
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