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Lamson Konic II Reels 35% OffLamson Speedster Reel

Lamson Litespeed Series IV Reels


The Litespeed Reel is a true large arbor reel with the same drag system used in the Waterworks ULA Series of reels. By foregoing the use of titanium, Lamson was able to offer a very fine reel at an affordable price.

A few of the features that make the new Litespeed Series IV even better:

  • Even higher retrieve rate than previous models
  • Improved ergonomics means less "knuckle wacking" when a big fish takes off
  • The drag knob is much easier to adjust during the heat of battle. 
  • The arbor of the spool has been curved to store backing in a "diameter well" and keeps working line at a maximum radius. 
  • The reel just looks sweet. The finish is beautiful and the subtle blue of the drag housing gives the reel a unique look of its own. 

Note that the Litespeed Series IV is not compatible with previous Lamson Litespeed spools.