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Cement & Adhesive

Fly Tying head cement by Griffin and Dave's Flexament. Zap-A-Gap, 5-Minute Epoxy, Tear Mender, and more.

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Loon UV Mini Curing Light


This tiny UV light will help any UV cement cure. If you are working with UV adhesives inside, at night, or on rainy days, this light will save your bacon. 
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Tear Mender


Our favorite new flexible adhesive for gluing rabbit strips together. Any situation where you need to glue hide to hide, Tear Mender is the right stuff. 
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Liquid Thread. Zap-A-Gap is our favorite "super glue" style cement. We use it to secure eyes, fill gaps, glue materials together and a ton of other applications. A bottle should be on your desk. 
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