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Fly Tying scissors by Dr. Slick, TMC, Streamworks, Ice, MP, and more.

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Braid Scissor


If you are cutting braid for strung out flies, Dolly Llamas, etc check out these scissors. A great way to cut braid without ruining your good scissors. 
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Mini Accu-Tip Scissor by Anvil


If you prefer a short scissor, the 3" Slim Line Mini is just right. It has needle tip, micro-serrated stainless blades for "No Slip" cuts. Open finger loops are very comfortable and allow for accurate trimming. 
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Tiemco Straight Scissors


TMC Straight Scissors are one of our favorites. They stay sharp for a long time, are comfortable to use and are proportioned nicely for making accurate cuts. 
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Ultimate Curved Scissor by Anvil


These gently curved scissors feature micro-serrated blades for non-slip trimming. The powerful 4" blades are ideal for getting your Glo Bugs to come our round or for trimming spun deer hair flies. 
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