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Fly Tying thread for salmon flies and trout flies. Danville, Uni, Georgi Bennechi, Kevlar and more.

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12/0 Georgio Bennechi Thread


Georgio Bennechi 12/0 thread is super fine in diameter. It is unwaxed and is used for tying the smallest of flies or when minimal thread build up is a necessity. Surprisingly strong for its size.  
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Flat Waxed Nylon from Danville


Flat Waxed Nylon is our favorite all around fly tying thread. It is super strong, lays flat, and the colors are ideal for Alaska flies. We recommend it for any flies with lead eyes. 100 yard spools. 
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Kevlar Thread


When you need the very strongest thread go with kevlar. We like it for tying glo bugs or spinning sculpin wool head flies. 
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Uni 6/0 Thread


Uni 6/0 thread is ideal for salmon and trout flies where minimal thread build up is needed. It is waxed, very strong for its size, and lays flat. 200 yard spools. 
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Uni 8/0 Thread


Uni 8/0 thread is perfect for tying small dry flies and nymphs. It is waxed and there is very little thread build up. 200 yards per spool. 
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