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Fly Tying hooks such as the Gamakatsu Round 26 Jig Hook, the Spirit 60 Degree Keel Hook and more.

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1X Strong 90° Jig Hook "Liquid Wrench"


Gamakatsu's 604 Series jig hooks are perfect for tying jig flies for steelhead, silvers, pinks and chums. The 1x wire of these hooks allow for deep penetration when the hook is set. 
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2X Strong 90° Jig Hook "Kilowatt"


The KILOWATT HOOK. This Gamakatsu 2554 Series jig hook is the preferred hook for tying the deadly Kilowatt Fly. Chemically sharpened and at 2X strong is stout enough not to straighten out under pressure. 25 per pack. Size is 1/0. 
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Brooch Pin


A Brooch Pin is a very nice way to present one of your carefully tied salmon flies. The hook is a size #1. One per pack. 
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Gamakatsu Round 26 Jig Hook


If you want to tie up some jigs that you can throw on a fly rod these are the ticket. The hooks are stout enough to hold salmon and steelhead. The heads can be painted to suit the pattern. 
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Keel Hook


Add heavy eyes to one of these keel hooks and you have a deadly jig-style fly. We use these hooks on our Jig Spankers and Jig Flash Flies. 15 hooks per pack. 
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TMC 8089 NP


The TMC 8089 NP is great hook for tying surface poppers. It is a wide gap, fine wire, nickel plated hook that will keep your dries floating high. Note that as a popper hook the gap is larger than usual. The #6 gap is 1/2". 
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