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Cone Heads

Fly Tying Cone Heads such as Brass Cones, Tungsten Cones, Cross Eyed Cones and Hot Cones.

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When your streamer, sculpin, leech or deep-running minnow needs more weight than a bead head, cone heads are just the ticket. Come in Gold or Nickel. 
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Cross Eyed Cones


Cross Eyed Cones will get your flies down deep and the recessed area will accept 3-D or Prismatic Eyes. Come in Nickel or Black. 
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Hot Cones


Hot Cones have a baked-on enamel finish and are much more durable than a painted cone. These make awesome "Hot Cone" Egg Sucking Leeches and buggers. 
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Tungsten Cones - Silver


Extra heavy Tungsten Cones offer the most "drop" for the size. Color is Silver. 20 Cones per Pack. 
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