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Bodies & Foam

Sili Skin, V-Rib, Laser Wrap, Popper Bodies, Closed Cell Foam and other body materials.

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Diamond Braid


Diamond Braid is a sparkly body material that really makes flies "pop." Ideal for patterns such as Flash Flies, Montana Bills, Charlie-style flies and more. 
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Edge Brite


Edge Brite, AKA Laser Wrap, is a thin flexible body materials that is used for Lantern-style. Cut it into thin strips and wrap it over the top of flat silver tinsel for a great glowing fly.  
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Regular & Large Popper Bodies


These Popper bodies are pre-slotted for your hook and are made of injection-molded hard foam. They can be finished with latex-based model paints. 10 per package. The Regular is the top one & the Large Popper is the middle one in the photo. 
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Sculpin Wool


Sculpin Wool is a thick, yarny material that is used for making sculpin heads. Clumps of wool are tied in, spun, and trimmed to make heads. Great for woolhead sculpins and colorful Garcia Sculpins. 
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Tapered & Cupped Popper Bodies


These Tapered & Cupped Popper Bodies are pre-slotted to fit your hook. They are made of injection-molded hard foam and there are 10 per pack. The Tapered Popper is the top one in the photo.  
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