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Mart's Zulu Tube Fly - PinkMatuka - Black #10

Master Tool Kit

Price: $29.98

Precision molded, clear polycarbonate withstands the harshest conditions. Durable ripple foam protects and holds flies securely. Positive locking latch keeps the lid closed and locked, even when the box is dropped. Handy hook file/eye cleaning tool is held in the hinge cradle for added convenience.
Size: 6" x 3.875" x 1.375" (152mm x 98mm x 35mm)

Patented, high quality stainless steel combo tool, eliminates the need to carry two tools. 5" stainless steel forceps aid in holding, de-barbing and removing hooks. Also great for crimping split shot and other items. The unique patented power jaws™ provide the clamping power of pliers. Ideal for flattening larger hooks. Combination ribbed and smooth jaw surfaces hold large and small hooks securely. Concealed needle, pressed into the jaws is designed to remove paint and glue from the eye of the hook. Great for larger painted heads.

Precision ground, hardened stainless steel blades cut 100lb line as easily as 1lb line. Even cuts braided lines. Ergonomic design adds comfort and ease of use. Rubber inserts provide a sure grip for your fingers. Helps when cutting heavier line and braid. The Mini Nipper can be re-sharpened.

A high quality measuring tape that doubles as a convenient retractor for holding nippers, forceps, lights and other tools. Metal zinger is 36" (90cm) long and is corrosion resistant. Handy for measuring fish and tippet/leader material. Durable snap closures hold nippers, forceps and other items securely. Attaches easily to any "D" ring, or other like attachment.

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